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CMS for omnichannel content delivery

Provide consistent and up-to-date information by delivering content from one single API, ensuring new content or any changes made across your tech stack are automatically reflected across all your marketing channels. 

Deliver content using one CMS for omnichannel marketing

Trusted by teams of all sizes to deliver content to millions across the world

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Don’t let content slow down engineering teams

By delivering content via a single API, engineering teams can focus on creating new applications or adding innovative features for various platforms, without having to worry about content bottlenecks or middleware development for integrations.


Let editorial teams autonomously update information

Content teams can swiftly make changes, in systems they are comfortable with, without having to chase devs to ensure these are reflected everywhere.  


Providing consistent information has never been easier

Fluctuating prices, changing inventory levels, adding in additional information? With our unique content federation capabilities, changes made in any system will quickly and automatically be reflected across all marketing channels.


Future-proof and composable

With an API-first approach, Hygraph works with any preferred frontend or backend technology of choice, allowing engineering teams to build applications for any existing or future platform. 


Ensuring accurate and updated course information for students

2U, a global edtech company chose Hygraph to create connected, omnichannel experiences, while also preparing them for their future expansion plans as well. They use the platform to deliver content to multiple marketing channels; marketing websites, course collateral, product pages, and other user-facing interfaces.

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All the capabilities you need for omnichannel content delivery

Our diverse set of features enable teams to work faster and build with utmost flexibility.

Growing beyond a mobile-only platform

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Hygraph’s out of box support for GraphQL allows our frontend developers to concentrate on building features without involving backend developers for API adjustments. They can swiftly build and test queries inside Hygraph intuitive UI which allows us to flexibly shape the content models and test the outcome almost immediately in the frontend.
Andre Lang
Head Of Development, Samsung

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