Here's a quick summary of everything we released in Q1 2024.


Features to empower engineering teams to expedite development and build omnichannel digital experiences, iterate and launch capabilities much faster.

#GraphQL Content API

Native and not built on top of a REST API, Hygraph’s GraphQL content API offers utmost flexibility, performance and improved developer productivity.

#GraphQL Mutations API

Use GraphQL mutations to modify the contents of your project and interact with content outside of the Hygraph UI; individually or in bulk.

#API Playground

All projects come with a built-in API Playground to experiment with queries and to mutations. It’s also great for performing tasks like testing authorization and access control with API keys, testing multiple environments, localized content and more.

API Playground for testing queries in Hygraph API

#Environment Management

You can clone existing ones to test changes and once development is complete, promote development environments as your new production environments instantly.

Environment management to promote dev environments to production after testing is complete

#Project Cloning

Clone existing projects to use as a starting point for new projects without wasting time on recreating projects with matching or similar fields. You can optionally choose to clone content and assets in your project if needed.

Project cloning feature in Hygraph


Browse through our end-to-end reference applications that are ready to clone and deploy. These consist of a completed Hygraph project (with a consumable schema), a code repository, and a frontend, to get you started with your own.

quickstarters for Hygraph

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