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Enterprise-ready content starter: Take your Hygraph project to new height

Learn all about enterprise development and content patterns in this new Hygraph starter, created by our friends at Blazity
Bryan Robinson

Bryan Robinson

Nov 15, 2023
Enterprise-ready content starter: Take your Hygraph project to new height

When you work in enterprise companies, you need enterprise content and development processes. With that in mind Hygraph has partnered with the amazing team at Blazity to bring together enterprise best practices into a large-scale content website and codebase. This comprehensive toolkit is packed with features and tools designed to empower content creators and developers like never before.

Screenshot of the homepage of the starter

#Enterprise-Ready Codebase: Your Foundation for Success

The starter boasts a meticulously crafted codebase that is ready to tackle even the most demanding enterprise-level projects. With features like end-to-end testing, a robust design system, comprehensive build and deployment scripts, and code generation capabilities, you'll have everything you need to develop and maintain your Hygraph application at scale.

#Reach a Global Audience with built-in internationalization

i18n in action

Expand your reach and connect with users from around the world. Both the Hygraph project and codebase come equipped with built-in internationalization support, making it a breeze to translate your content and provide a seamless experience for users across different languages and cultures.

#Powerful Search with Algolia

Search power by Algolia

Stay on top of your game with the comprehensive search functionality powered by Algolia. Seamless integration with Algolia ensures lightning-fast and accurate search results, keeping your users engaged and satisfied.

Most Popular article

Gain valuable insights into your content's performance and deliver a personalized experience to your users. The starter features "Most Popular" functionality powered by Google Analytics, allowing you to easily track and showcase the most popular articles or pages.

#Automatic OG Image Generation

Generated OG Image

Capture attention and maximize the visibility of your content with automatic Open Graph (OG) image generation. The codebase automatically generates captivating images for your articles when shared on social media platforms, making your content visually appealing and shareable.

#Following Next.js 13 App Router Best Practices

With its most recent releases, Next.js has implemented a number of new best practices. The starter follows those best practices, providing you with a comprehensive code setup that guarantees optimal performance and scalability for your application.

#Interactive User Quizzes

Quiz interface with blank state and right/wrong state

Take user engagement to the next level with interactive quizzes. Create fun and educational quizzes that enhance user interaction and provide an immersive experience on your hygraph application.

#Seamless Stock API Integration: Real-Time Data at Your Fingertips

The starter seamlessly integrates with Hygraph Remote Sources, allowing you to effortlessly incorporate stock API data into your content. Keep your users up to date with the latest market information and make your content even more valuable all from a single API.

#Bringing it all together in one starter

We are incredibly excited to offer the enterprise content starter as a powerful tool for content creators and developers alike. Whether you're just starting out or working on a large-scale project, this enterprise-ready content starter will accelerate your Hygraph project's development, enhance user engagement, and unlock new possibilities.

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Bryan Robinson

Bryan Robinson

Head of Developer Relations

Bryan is Hygraph's Head of Developer Relations. He has a strong passion for developer education and experience as well as decoupled architectures, frontend development, and clean design.

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