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Hygraph recognized in Forrester’s Content Management Systems Landscape, Q2 2023

Hygraph has been recognized as one of 32 vendors in Forrester's latest research on content management systems.
Shahan Syed

Written by Shahan Syed

Aug 30, 2023
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We're honored to announce that Hygraph has been recognized as one of the 32 vendors in Forrester's report on The Content Management Systems Landscape for Q2 2023.

Amongst 300+ CMS vendors on G2, it's an honor to be included in the 32 recognized by Forrester.

The report helps technology leaders to understand the value they can expect from CMS vendors, learn how vendors differ, and select one based on size and market focus.

Forrester defines a Content Management System as:

A platform that allows organizations to collaboratively manage the creation, aggregation, orchestration, and experience delivery of content to omnichannel touchpoints.

#Hygraph as a Content Management System

Hygraph, as a federated content platform, represents the next generation of headless content management systems. Hygraph enables over 50,000 teams around the world to create, source, enrich, and deliver content programmatically.

As a headless content management system, Hygraph helps organizations define content structures and empower editorial teams to create content within this defined structure.

Developers can then deliver this content to any frontend of choice; app, website, etc. using Hygraph's GraphQL API.

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#The Hygraph Advantage

Hygraph stands out as a web content management system when it comes to content federation, developer experience, content creation, and governance.

Most headless web content management systems are front-end agnostic. However, Hygraph goes a step ahead as being the only backend-agnostic headless CMS. It allows you to source content from any backend system into Hygraph, without duplication.

Developers can define schemas using low-code content modeling capabilities. They can then build with Hygraph's industry-leading Graph APIs and SDKs, using their preferred frameworks, libraries, and languages.

Editorial and business teams can add content to the CMS in parallel, through the UI or programmatically. While administrators can define granular rights and permissions to ensure governance and security.

All of this helps organizations improve user experience, decrease time to market, and reduce costs on maintaining backend or middleware code.

If your organization is looking for a web content management system, then feel free to sign-up for our forever free developer account. Or get in touch with one of our experts.

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Shahan Syed

Shahan Syed

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