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Introducing GraphQL Conf 2021

We're excited to be co-organizing GraphQL Conference 2021 on September 29, 2021 with commercetools.
Michael Lukaszczyk
Pranshu Khanna

Michael & Pranshu

Aug 20, 2021
GraphQL Conf Website OG

With the GraphQL Conf. just over a month away, we’d like to share more about the process and decisions that led to us inheriting the conference with the aim of making it the largest and most accessible GraphQL Conf. yet.

After taking a year off in 2020, GraphQL Conf is back! We’re co-organizing GraphQL Conf 2021 with commercetools and bringing you the conference in a new format with the same great content and passionate community. Thank you to honeypot and Prisma for trusting us with inheriting the conference and all that you have built in the last couple of years. We look forward to growing the GraphQLcommunity even further.

This year, GraphQL Conference will be fully online, and tickets will be free. Head to the GraphQL Conference website to claim your ticket and register for the Conf Swag Drops.


#Why we are organizing GraphQL Conference

Our team at Hygraph has attended the GraphQL Conf since its inception. We’ve seen how cool it is when a passionate group of GraphQL developers come together to consider new problems and share new learnings. When circumstances prevented the conference from happening last year, we were excited about the opportunity to inherit the conference from Prisma and Honeypot. Although in the past the conference has been held in person in Berlin, we wanted to open up the discourse to the global community.

One of the great things about the evolution of GraphQL from an innovative query language to an established powerful technology used in production, is that there is such an international community of GraphQL support. In changing the format to an online, free format, we hoped to make the content more accessible to a wider range of people and promote the easy exchange and global collaboration that makes development such a unique field.

We hope to continue to help the conference grow and evolve in the years to come while still maintaining the engaging forum to discuss innovative ideas and approaches. We hope to continue to build a space where like minded developers can connect and build relationships.

We’re excited to be building the future of this conference with our friends at commercetools, and we’ll be releasing more details about the conference as time goes on including speakers, partnership opportunities, and additional programming so be sure to follow @thegraphqlConf on Twitter and join the conference Discord.

Get your tickets today! We look forward to seeing you at the Conf.

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