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Hygraph wins Dr. Oetker as a new customer

We're excited to share that Dr. Oetker is working with Hygraph as part of their composable content architecture.
Christopher Kühn
Emily Nielsen

Christopher & Emily

May 19, 2022
hygraph wins dr oetker

Hygraph is pleased to announce that Dr. Oetker, one of the largest family-run companies in Germany, will be relying on Hygraph as a key technology provider for their global digital presence.

Dr. Oetker is convinced that creating a composable architecture with Hygraph at its core will help ensure that they can provide their customers with a performant, scalable experience for years to come.

The Oetker Group manages over 350 brands within Germany and Europe. In its over 130-year history, it has grown from a simple baking brand to a household name associated with delicious and convenient products. Available in over 40 countries, Dr. Oetker's products range from frozen pizza and pudding mix, to ready-to-eat meals. This quintessential brand gives families the opportunity to make memories together.

Dr. Oetker has chosen Hygraph to bring a future-proof approach to their content site to provide users with the same high-quality standards in their digital presence as they have come to expect from consuming their many products. In taking a MACH-first approach, the team is able to rely on structured content that will make their stack flexible and future-proof.

“Being one of the powerhouses of the DACH region, Dr. Oetker is a household name for many of us here at Hygraph. Seeing them approach modernization with a MACH-first approach, and future-proofing their content operations with structured content, is an incredibly exciting initiative, and we’re looking forward to supporting them further in their journey,” says Christopher Kühn, our Chief Commercial Officer.

Hygraph is excited to be taking on this new challenge with Dr. Oetker. Together, we can bring Dr. Oetker's digital presence to a whole new level, to build resilient, composable architectures, enabling them to continually innovate on their digital presence.

To learn more about how Hygraph can help your team build a powerful, composable architecture that drives high-performing applications and sites, please contact us.

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