We're transitioning Studio from Beta to Early Availability

Hygraph Studio: Now in Early Availability

We’re transitioning Hygraph Studio from Beta to Early Availability with optimizations and new features that make it fully functional for all content editing needs.
Shahan Syed

Written by Shahan Syed

Jul 03, 2024

Since launching Hygraph Studio in beta, we’ve received valuable feedback and suggestions from our user community.

Over the past few months, we have released numerous features and improvements for Studio.

And now, Hygraph Studio is ready for the spotlight once again. Beginning July 03, we’re excited to launch Studio in Early Availability (EA), and it will eventually become the default interface for managing content in Hygraph.

What this means for Free and Self-service plans

As we roll out in EA over the next few days, Free and Self-service users will land in Studio as the default experience when opening the Hygraph app.

Hygraph Classic will remain available as usual, and you can switch between both experiences without losing any capabilities.

What this means for Enterprise plans

There will be no immediate changes to the experience for enterprise customers within Hygraph.

Hygraph Classic will remain available as usual, and you can switch between both experiences without losing any capabilities.

Your Customer Success Manager will work with you to plan your migration over the coming months. There is no immediate pressure to switch, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

#Recap: overview of Hygraph Studio

Studio is the new intuitive experience for working with content in Hygraph. It offers new features and has been redesigned for maximum performance to help your teams create, manage, and publish content faster!

Hygraph Studio is  now live - in beta! - Image 4 (1).png

Studio helps you:

  • Work independently and launch faster
  • Save time building with reusable components
  • Stay consistent while publishing content everywhere
  • Drive engagement with faster applications
  • Empower your developers to be more productive
  • Give developers the flexibility to speed up deployment

Try our Studio if you haven’t already →

#Discover what’s newly added to Studio

We recently added several highly requested and popular features to Studio, making it fully functional for all your content editing needs.

These Studio features offer the same capabilities as Classic, and have also received a UI facelift.


Implement your localization strategy seamlessly and manage translations centrally for multiple global sites with Hygraph Studio.

Image 2 (1).png

Content Duplication

Reduce the time it takes to create content entries and make editors more efficient with Content Duplication.

Image 1.png

Custom Views and Groups

Create custom default views and group them, allowing your editors to quickly find the content that needs their attention.

Image 3 (4).png

#What’s in the pipeline?

Over the past few months, we have released numerous features to Studio, first focusing on the most popular ones.

However, there are still a few features that are yet to make their way into Studio:

  • Scheduled Publishing
  • Version comparison
  • Commenting and Assignment Workflows
  • Notifications

At this time, you will need to temporarily switch to Classic for these capabilities, but our team is working very hard toward adding these to Studio very soon.


Even though Classic is still available, we recommend using Studio as your default editing interface, provide feedback and help us improve as we prepare for General Availability.

As always, feel free to share your thoughts in our community Slack channel.

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Shahan Syed

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