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Hygraph Studio beta is now live!

We’re thrilled to announce the beta release of Hygraph Studio. Please log in to your Hygraph project, test the new interface, and share your feedback.
Shahan Syed

Shahan Syed

Mar 19, 2024
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Today, we are excited to announce a significant milestone in our journey: the new Hygraph Studio is live in beta! Unlock the full potential of your content with the new Hygraph interface designed for maximum performance.

You can now log in to your Hygraph project and test it out. The video below shows how to launch your existing projects in the Hygraph Studio.

Hygraph Studio beta highlights:

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#Overview of Hygraph Studio beta and what to expect

Optimized UI to help you work faster

Field Outline for easier navigation

You’ll now see a revamped content form when you open a content entry.

One of the most notable changes is the new Field Outline displayed to the left of this content form.

The Field Outline shows the structure of the content entry, and clicking on an item in the outline takes you to that field in the content form.

As an editor, this helps you:

  • Navigate intuitively: One of Hygraph’s capabilities is enabling you to build pages with reusable components independently. However, these pages can sometimes end up with complex structures. With the new Field outline, you can quickly visualize and navigate across a content entry regardless of its length or the number of nested components it has.
  • Make changes faster: Need to make changes on a page? Quickly find the fields you’re looking for, make updates, and publish without going through irrelevant information.
  • Quickly identify errors: Did you leave a field empty or enter information that violates field validation rules? You can now quickly identify these fields, fix the errors, and publish faster.

Read our documentation for more details

Command Menu for quicker access

Simply hit Command+K (or CTRL+K on Windows) to open the new Command Menu, where you can search for and quickly navigate to different parts of your project.

You can also use it to perform various actions, such as creating a model or a content entry.

Read our documentation for more details

Revised Content Table for content-rich data

We have redesigned the content table, simplifying it and making it less cluttered.

Moreover, the new hover cards give you the gist of the various fields within the content entries without opening them.

These improvements help editors quickly identify and find the entries they need to edit.

UI Facelifts

The new Studio also includes several UI improvements, which improve the overall look and feel and enable users to work faster.

Firstly, the Schema view includes changes in how you add a model and its fields.

The new changes reduce the number of clicks needed and enable users to create models and components much faster.

New intuitive Schema view.png

Secondly, the new content form is simplified, allowing editors to quickly find the fields they need to edit.

Revamped Content Form (1).png

Lastly, we have reorganized how visual elements are placed and reduced overall noise. The result is a cleaner look that helps users quickly find what matters the most.

Simplified content table (1).png

Designed for Maximum Performance

The new Hygraph Studio doesn’t stop with UI improvements — we also bring significant backend enhancements.

As a result, you will notice significantly faster performance than with Hygraph Classic.

We’re launching in beta, so we're consistently working on enhancing performance and will be rolling out updates to the Studio nearly every week to optimize for speed.

Here’s an overview of some of the enhancements made.

Lazy loading of components

You’ll experience faster load times when opening a content entry with multiple or nested components.

The load time improves because we’ve switched our approach and no longer render all the components instantly. Instead, we render individual components progressively as and when editors open and interact with them.

Regional deployments of the management server

The new Hygraph Studio uses the new regional deployments of the management server.

With the management API now located in the same region as your content, you’ll experience faster load times, improved disaster recovery, and reduced latency for management operations across all regions.

Pages load faster in Hygraph Studio, whether you are updating the schema, browsing through the content, or opening an individual entry to make edits.

Virtual Launch Event

Join our launch event for a detailed walkthrough of the new Hygraph Studio's capabilities and what they mean for developers, content creators, and your business.

Join now

#What hasn't yet made its way into Hygraph Studio beta?

We’ve launched Hygraph Studio in beta. So, some of the features available in the current interface (Hygraph Classic) will not be available in the beta until the final launch of Hygraph Studio.

To access these capabilities, please use Hygraph Classic, which will remain available without any changes.

Here’s a list of all the capabilities that are not available in the beta:

  • Remote Fields
  • Localizations
  • Content duplication
  • Versioning
  • Scheduled Publishing
  • Webhooks
  • Project Settings


We will release the new Hygraph Studio across all regions later this year.

Meanwhile, we want to use this beta as an opportunity to gather your feedback and incorporate it into our plan for the final release of the Studio.

With your help, we want to make Hygraph Studio better! Please participate in our beta, explore Hygraph Studio, and let us know your thoughts in our community Slack channel.

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