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Introducing Components

Components have landed in Hygraph to start experiencing cleaner schemas and reusable content templates.
Alexandra Buckalew

Alexandra Buckalew

Mar 29, 2022
introducing components in hygraph

Components have landed in Hygraph! Move away from rigid content structures to start experiencing cleaner schemas, flexible content models, and intuitive content operations with reusable content templates.

Components enable teams to build schemas with reusable content templates which can be used across models - accelerating content operations and reducing schema complexity.

Join Jamie as he walks through working with Components in Hygraph.

With Components, there are a few new concepts and considerations worth getting up to speed with.

#Using Components

Flexible and reusable, Components are pre-defined set of fields to be used across multiple models. Create them within your Schema Builder and add fields as needed.

In the Schema Builder, simply add your components to models as a field. Basic Components let you add a single component, while Modular Components allow you to add several.


Basic Components

A Basic Component allows a single component to be added to a model, giving content operators limited flexibility in the types of components an entry can have.


Modular Components

Modular Components are more dynamic, allowing for several components to be added within a model, giving content operators more flexibility in choosing which components to add to an entry.

Read the Components documentation to take Components for a spin and share your feedback with us! We'd love to know how you're getting along on our Slack Channel.

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Alexandra Buckalew

Alexandra Buckalew

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