Here's a quick summary of everything we released in Q1 2024.

    The new Hygraph interface is coming

    We have been working on something big; a redesign of the Hygraph interface. More intuitive and designed for maximum performance, stay tuned!
    Shahan Syed

    Shahan Syed

    Sep 21, 2023

    We at Hygraph have helped thousands of teams power the next generation of content management through our industry's leading GraphQL API and unique Content Federation capabilities.

    Constantly driven by your feedback, we are thrilled to unveil the next big project we are working on. A new revamped content management interface to enhance your productivity.

    It is designed for optimum performance, with a more intuitive user interface and numerous new UX features.

    The new interface aims to not only provide a fresher look and faster app, but also allows us to have a shorter customer feedback loop, thereby delivering improvements faster in the future.
    Michael LukaszczykCEO at Hygraph

    Here's why we are bringing about this change and a sneak peek of all that the new interface will have to offer.

    #Why are we revamping our interface?

    Improved performance

    We are redesigning the interface so that it performs faster, resulting in a smoother and hassle-free user experience.

    Improved editor experience and UI facelift

    We are planning significant interface improvements to enhance user-friendliness, streamline tasks, and enable users to work faster and more efficiently.

    Quicker enhancements in the future

    The new interface offers better maintainability, allowing to launch new features and improvements much quicker.

    This in turn, enables us to incorporate your feedback into meaningful improvements much faster.

    #New Features

    Field Outline

    Our new Field Outlines will enable you to quickly navigate across fields inside a content entry. This will be particularly helpful for models with a large number of fields and nested components.

    Blog Image - New webapp teaser.png

    Command Menu (CMD + K)

    You will be able to quickly navigate or perform various actions using your keyboard through the new Command Menu.

    Blog Image - New webapp teaser.png

    Redesigned asset management

    The new asset grid view will allow you to browse your assets and quickly pick the ones you want.

    Blog Image - New webapp teaser.png

    Redesigned Content Table

    The redesigned content view will make it easier to visualize content through enhanced custom views. Through the new hover cards, you can quickly get information on content entries without having to open them.

    Blog Image - New webapp teaser.png

    Improvements to Roles and Permissions

    We will be introducing improvements to help admins set up multiple roles and define their granular permissions more quickly. This will include the ability to duplicate roles, simplified batch permissions management for multiple models, and more.

    Blog Image - New webapp teaser.png

    #What does it mean for you?

    We will be launching the new interface soon, and it requires no changes on your end at the moment.

    Are there any improvements that you think we might have missed and you'd like to see in our new interface? Reach out to us on our Community Slack, and feel free to share your ideas.

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    Shahan Syed

    Shahan Syed

    Shahan is the Product Marketing Manager at Hygraph. Living in Pakistan, he loves to spend time exploring places, pencil sketching, reading, and watching science fiction and K-dramas.

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