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A headless CMS for your entire team

Robust for developers

Intuitive for content teams

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Over 500 companies & 120.000 users rely on Hygraph for their content needs

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Get 300% more done

Companies using Hygraph report faster project completion, ⁠smoother integrations, and a 3x boost in content velocity.

A Headless CMS for your entire team

Built to support your content goals and adapt to your entire team, ⁠from devs to content editors

Developer experience

Say goodbye to middleware code

Make queries, shape content models and test on the frontend instantly, using your favorite tools.

Editor experience

Access a better editing experience

Quickly add content, manage assets and style the layout your way, without waiting for devs.

Why developers love Hygraph

Integrate your favorite tools and frameworks

Hygraph fits right into your tech stack, supporting all your favorite frontend frameworks, existing systems, and APIs. 

Flexible content modeling

Define your content API structure in minutes with our low-code schema builder. Select text, assets, numbers, maps, and connect content models for faster scaling.

Reusable components

Give editors control over the layout with a predefined set of fields that can be reused across different models & content entries.

Remote Sources

Integrate content from external sources without the need to build and maintain custom middleware.

Access via UI, API or SDK

Make schema changes and create content programmatically using the management SDK & mutations API, integrating with your existing CI/CD processes.

App Framework

Build apps that integrate Hygraph with third-party services, or build custom integrations tailored to your needs.

A dream to work with

Having a native GraphQL CMS makes everything much easier to work with. Integrating webhooks and maintaining 10+ locales is seamless for us. Developers are much more efficient when building requests, and the product team has granular visibility over every integration step. 10/10 Support.


Melissa H.

Solution Consultant


Granular permissions

Create custom roles that define what content users can access and what actions they can perform.

Why content editors love Hygraph

Scheduled publishing

Schedule content to be published or unpublished at a specific time or as part of a release.

Content previews

Get an auto-generated link for previewing content on your frontend before it goes live.

Content versioning

With built-in version control, easily track and manage changes to your content over time, making sure nothing is lost.

Digital asset management

With built-in digital asset management, host & organize your assets, edit images, or add custom metadata to your files.

Workflows and stages

Streamline collaboration and ensure content quality with our content review, approval, and publishing workflow.


Add comments to content entries, start discussions, and notify users right from the CMS.


Set up automated AI translatations, publish and manage content for a global audience.

A headless CMS that even non-technical users can enjoy!

Super easy to set up and use. I'm not at all a technical guy, but I was able to start using it right away. The way the CMS works is just logical. Granted, a lot of this depends on how it's setup by your developers. But as long as they are doing a good enough job, using the CMS is a breeze.


Verified IT User

Information Technology and Services


Shape your content, your way

100 things you can build with Hygraph

Easily bring your ideas to life using our pre-built projects and schema templates. Whether you're creating a website, an app, or something entirely unique, we have the resources you need to make it happen.


Why 120.000 users choose Hygraph as their headless CMS


Very nice CMS for localization and large scale

Their webhook implementation is good, we use it to notify backend systems about content being updated, but we can opt out of receiving notifications when our automated systems performs the update.

The user interface is intuitive enough that normal people can use it. The custom app integration is pretty nice. It allows us to do our own content quality checks and give instant feedback to the editor.

Sigurður G.

Sigurður G.

Chief Technology Officer


Easy-to-Use, Feature Rich CMS platform with Amazing Support

As a developer, I found myself quickly being able to implement an integration with this CMS. 

The API playground was such a big help in this because I had no previous GraphQL experience. Also, the customer support is amazing, they reply fast and always find a workaround for your specific use case.


Verified User in Comp. Software

Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)


An excellent tool for rapid prototyping and production workloads

The UI makes it accessible to team members who are not deeply technical, and the code and endpoints make a powerful tool for developers to build against. 

Relationship building between several object types is very straightfoward and all mistakes can be rolled back.

Steven B.

Steven B.

Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)


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Hygraph isn't for everyone, and that's okay!

Before we get started, let's check if we are the right solution for you.

Hygraph is right for

  • Projects with complex schema needs

  • Busy development teams short on CMS time

  • Teams looking to use the latest frontend tech for excellent user experiences

Hygraph isn't a fit for

  • Drag-and-drop page building

  • Simple content model needs

  • Projects with no dev involvement

What you'll walk away with:

  • Needs & product fit assessment: we'll start by discussing your specific requirements and make sure Hygraph aligns with what you're looking for.
  • Detailed overview: we'll look into Hygraph's features, including content modeling, editing interface, API integrations, performance, and scalability, and you'll learn about the customization and extensibility options available for your particular use case.

  • Hands-on experience: we'll explore Hygraph first-hand together and we'll guide you through any questions or uncertainties.
  • Support and training resources: we'll provide information about the support and training resources available, to make sure you have assistance for proper implementation and usage.
  • Next steps: we'll talk about the next steps, whether it's further exploration, implementation planning, or decision-making.

Get all your CMS questions answered

We're here to help you decide if Hygraph is the right fit for you

So you feel confident and empowered in your choice.