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Announcing the Official Hygraph Docs Starter

We are pleased to announce the creation of our new Hygraph Documentation Starter. Learn how to get started building your very own Documentation.
Jamie Barton
João Pedro Schmitz

Jamie & João

Feb 18, 2022
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Today we are excited to announce the new Hygraph Docs Starter.

Build and manage documentation for your business, product, and services with the official Hygraph Docs Starter.

Hygraph Docs Starter Preview

Rather than manage Git workflows and change submissions, you can use the power of a fully headless content management platform to create pages, manage navigation structure, connect pages with embedded relations, and more.

You’re probably wondering why Rich Text is better than something like MDX where you can bring components to life, and you’d be right. Thankfully Hygraph has you covered with the powerful Rich Text Embeds that let you embed block and inline content entries from any one of your project models.

All content is rendered using the official Hygraph React Rich Text Renderer, that has support for custom embed components, overriding default HTML tags, and more.

The Docs Starter supports all of these features (and more coming soon) out of the box:

  • Built with Remix
  • Embeddable content entries with Hygraph
  • Rich Text content editing
  • Table of Contents for docs pages
  • Render custom embeds using Rich Text Renderer
  • Styled using TailwindCSS
  • SEO support (Open Graph & Twitter tags, sitemap, etc.)

We chose Remix, as it is a full stack web framework that focuses on the web fundamentals, and modern UX with Server Side Rendering. Remix isn’t just another framework, but comes packed with all of the tools you need to build powerful websites and web applications.

Are you ready to get started with the official Hygraph Docs Starter? Then browse the docs for the starter itself at

You can one-click deploy to Vercel, and Hygraph with the links below.

![Clone project]( ![Deploy with Vercel](!&

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