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G2 names Hygraph the easiest headless CMS to implement

G2 Summer 2024 Reports are out and Hygraph had been once again recognized as Leader across multiple categories.
Dino Kukic

Written by Dino Kukic

Jul 02, 2024
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This year had been quite exciting here at Hygraph with the launch of Hygraph Studio in Beta, new Digital Asset Management System, and the new Regional Management Server Deployments.

We’ve also seen our customers and users share incredible feedback via G2 over the last three months. G2 Summer reports are now out, and we’re excited to have earned 43 badges across the three main categories: Headless CMS, Web Content Management, and Digital Experience Platforms (DXP).

hygraph g2 badges - summer 2024

Most notably, we are ranked 1st for ease of implementation. When it comes to usability and relationship with customers we were ranked 2nd.

Hygraph remains a Leader with the overall 4th position in the headless CMS category and a Momentum Leader with us ranking 3rd on the Momentum grid. What’s new this summer is that we are now also recognized as a Leader in the Web CMS category. In the Headless CMS Results Index for Small Businesses, we are ranked 2nd.

In the DXP category, we are ranked 1st in the Implementation Index for Small Businesses and 2nd in the overall Implementation Index for DXP.

The easy-of-use aspect of Hygraph is something we are really proud of, and here are a few reviews that highlighted that:

Hygraph is so easy to use that it is not real. Every "problem" we had with Hygraph, your platform covered it thoroughly. We left few messages in your Slack community chat and got the answers in half an hour. We are about to embark on a project that uses your platform as their CMS for page views and when I learn new technologies its usualy painful, but with Hygraph, all is good.
Matija Aleksic
Matija AleksicSoftware Engineer at VegaIT
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Super easy to set up and use. I'm not at all a technical guy, but I was able to start using it right away. The way the CMS works is just... logical. It makes sense. Granted, a lot of this depends on how it's setup by your developers. But as long as they are doing a good enough job, using the CMS is a breeze.
Verified G2 User Information Technology and Services
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G2’s Usability index is calculated by accounting for a range of factors related to derived from questions related to usability that includes the overall usability score, ease of use rating, ease of admin rating and and meets-the-requirements score.

The Implementation index is calculated in a similar manner but accounting for implementation score, user adoption, go-live time and ease-of-setup score.

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I was inches away from not saying how this “reflects our commitment to delivering a stellar user experience” like in every blog post like this, but it does, and it’s worth noting. Mainly because we have the track record to back it up.

Our product and engineering teams have been working extra hard to deliver the completely revamped editorial experience you may know as Hygraph Studio. Hygraph Studio will become generally available tomorrow, and we are always looking for feedback either through our Slack community or G2.

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