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Enjoy improved performance with new Regional Management Server Deployments

As we grow and cater to our diverse, international customer base, we’re enhancing global performance through regional deployments of our Management API.
Shahan Syed

Written by Shahan Syed

Jan 17, 2024
Locations of Hygraph Management API

One of the primary areas of focus for us at Hygraph is improving the experience for our users. Optimizing API performance is central to that, and with the regional deployments of our Management API, you'll notice faster load times when making calls to the Management API.

With the new distributed deployments of the Management Server, the Management API is now located in the same region as your content. This translates to faster load times, improved disaster recovery, and reduces latency for management operations across all regions.

You'll notice a solid acceleration in performance with this major upgrade — up to 10x reduction in latency for all operations - from browsing the schema or content in the Hygraph UI to applying changes through the SDK.

We are consistently striving to build a platform that prioritizes performance and efficiency. In line with this objective, we made a significant architectural change to the way our Management API is distributed, resulting in a remarkable tenfold performance improvement for all management operations.
Daniel WinterCTO at Hygraph

#How to get started:

You might have noticed that you are now redirected to a regional subdomain after signing in to your Hygraph project.

New regional subdomain for Hygraph webapp.png

To use your new regional endpoint for programmatic management operations:

  • Navigate to Project Settings -> API Access.
  • Copy and use the new URL under the Management API.

Replacing the new Management API endpoint.png

#What the Regional Deployment means for you

Reduction in latency

You should immediately notice improvements in performance while using Hygraph. Whether you are updating the schema, browsing through content or opening an individual entry to make edits, you will see pages loading quicker than ever before.

You can also apply changes to your Content Schema much faster when using Management SDK or API directly. This is particularly helpful for major Schema changes, especially when you programmatically generate a Schema using a predefined format in a single operation.

Improved availability and disaster recovery

Each region will now function independently, which improves reliability and ensures that failures or traffic surges in one region do not impact the others.

#Share your thoughts!

At Hygraph, our vision is to empower enterprises with the technology they need to build high-performance modern digital products. This upgrade is a step in that direction.

We hope you are as excited as we are — let us know what you think of this upgrade and how it has improved your experience with the API by sharing your feedback in our Slack Channel.

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