Introducing our HTML to Rich Text Converter

We've just released our HTML to Rich Text Converter and several other improvements to our Rich Text Editor.

Julian Mayorga
Rich Text Editor Improvements

We’ve recently released our own HTML to Rich Text converter alongside several updates to our Rich Text Editor that are aimed to help deliver a more powerful experience to Content Editors.

Introducing the HTML-to-RichText ConverterAnchor

One major update is that the Hygraph HTML-to-Rich Text converter has been published on GitHub and npm!

For teams looking to import existing HTML into Hygraph, it is now possible using our new Hygraph Rich Text Converter. The Hygraph Rich Text Editor uses Slate and defines its own schema on top of it. The package generates an AST that compiles to a compatible Hygraph Rich Text Schema.

Find the GitHub repo here→

Copy and Paste Support from other toolsAnchor

To make the content creation process even smoother, we have added support for copy and paste for a wide range of tools for our Rich Text Editor.

For systems such as Google Docs, Medium, and Confluence, teams are now able to copy content from these external systems and paste them into the Hygraph Rich Text Field without losing the formatting.

We’ll be working to add more support for additional systems in the future! Be sure to let us know in the #feedback channel of our Community Slack if there is a specific system that would be helpful to you that is not currently supported.

Join the community Slack here →

Additional improvements to the Rich Text EditorAnchor

We’ve added the following minor improvements to help boost productivity and improve the user experience:

  • Soft Break Support (Shift+Enter) within the Editor
  • Rich Text Editor Full-screen mode
  • Code block handling improvements
  • Styling improvements

We’re excited to share these improvements with you (there are more to come in the coming months) and are always curious to hear what other improvements you would like to see in the future.