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The New Hygraph is Live!

We're live on Product Hunt with the next evolution of Hygraph!
Michael Lukaszczyk
Daniel Winter

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Apr 21, 2020
The New Hygraph is Live!

A month ago, we announced that the preview of the new Hygraph was live. Over the course of the past few weeks, we received some exceptional input from our community, and after some tweaks and improvements, we’re thrilled to announce that the next evolution of Hygraph is now live for all users!

With that said, we’re also announcing that we’re live on Product Hunt with the new version of Hygraph. Join the discussion or send us some love!



  • The new Hygraph is out of preview and finally live! Give it a spin.
  • We're live on Product Hunt! Join the discussion or send us some love.
  • We've released content stages, union types (polymorphic relations), sortable relations and assets, filters on lists, and drastically updated webhooks.
  • Our new GraphQL core engine shows massive performance gains of up to 40x in response times. In some larger and more complex queries, we have measured almost 100x gains.
  • We're hiring! We're currently looking for backend engineers, product designers, frontend developers, marketing managers, sales managers, and customer success managers.

#What's Changed?

Many of you have been using the new Hygraph and giving us valuable feedback. If you haven’t had a chance to yet, take the new Hygraph for a spin.

Our new GraphQL core engine shows massive performance gains of up to 40x in response times. In some larger and more complex queries, we have measured almost 100x gains. You will feel the performance improvements on every single request.

One of the biggest feature additions are content stages. They allow you to work on isolated copies of your content that can be published independently to other stages. Currently, each project has a draft and a published stage. You can start working on your content in draft, then move it to the published stage. From there, you can safely continue working on your draft instance, save your progress, and continue without interfering with the copy in the published stage.

Speaking of Union Types - those are live too. Polymorphic Relations (GraphQL Union Types) allow you to reference multiple models within a single relational field. This enables a literal n-factorial increase in the amount of complex content structures you can now create. Examples, such as landing pages, product models and more are as easy to structure as drag-and-drop. And speaking of drag-and-drop, we’ve included manual sort ordering for all relations and assets for those last-minute editorial fine tunings.

If that doesn’t have you hooked already, our drastically updated webhooks should. You can now create a webhook scoped to an individual model, stage and action. No more needing to validate which model triggered the function, if you want to ping a URL when an Article transitions to published and ONLY when an Article transitions to published, now you can.

With all these new features, you’d still need somewhere to play around with them. The new and improved API playground has a fresh new look, an integrated list-based explorer and statement history for reviewing previously written queries and mutations.

#What's Next?

We’re actively working to constantly roll out new features, improvements, and updates. You can follow our progress on our roadmap.

First on our list is to roll out the high-powered migration tool to help you transfer your existing projects into the new platform. Nobody wants to wait when it comes to using new features, and we want to help you get there as fast as possible.

We’ll be constantly improving and adding examples and starter kits to help you explore not only the new functionality but also some best practices in structuring common content patterns around these new project paradigms.

UI Extensions are coming! You’ll be able to handle an entirely new set of custom content needs with the ability to add custom UI elements into the editor itself, as well as the contextual sidebar. This has been one of our most requested features and we’re immensely excited to release it soon.

Content versioning is a must-have that’s on the list for content teams with growing demands. We are happy to say that soon you can evolve your content safely, knowing that you can roll back to a previous version.

Scheduled publishing and even more content workflow improvements will be on the horizon as well. Soon you’ll have scheduling abilities of when a content post is published or a piece of content changes stage, enabling even finer-tuned control of your content workflow.

All new accounts will automatically be created in the new Hygraph. Over the coming weeks we will also be releasing an automatic migration tool for you to move your projects over to the new API.

#We're Hiring!

Last but not least, we've managed to put together a lot this year. With the new product launch, we're also looking for new talent to help us make Hygraph even better! Check out our open positions on our careers site.

If any of these aren't for you but you know someone who'd be a great fit at Hygraph? Send us a referral!

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