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Announcing the official Hygraph integration for Ninetailed

Creating composable personalization for the Jamstack with Ninetailed and Hygraph just got incredibly easy!
Emily Nielsen
Andy Kaiser

Emily & Andy

Mar 17, 2022

We are pleased to announce the official integration with Ninetailed - a leading API-first personalization platform for the Jamstack. With this new official integration, teams will be able to use Ninetailed’s functionality from within the Hygraph UI itself.

Ninetailed leverages approaches to personalization that are future-focused and abide by the growing regulations around data privacy and cookies, a critical consideration for many companies with operations in Europe, for example.

Ninetailed Hygraph UI Extension.png Using the Ninetailed Hygraph UI Extension, teams can access personalization features such as tailoring the audience based on page views. Image credit: Ninetailed

The integration enables users to reap the benefits of the powerful content management and personalization capabilities from within a single UI. Building individualized experiences for users that match specifically tailored content is quick and easy with the integration.

ninetailed hygraph UI extension facebook.png The Ninetailed Hygraph UI Extension enables users to access Ninetailed personalization features from within the Hygraph UI. Image credit: Ninetailed

Hygraph and Ninetailed are both key components in composable architecture builds following MACH-first principles. By integrating the two systems, content teams have a more seamless workflow of creating targeted, engaging content that will reach the most relevant audience. Hygraph users will have more powerful and flexible personalization capabilities without leaving the Hygraph UI.

Connecting Ninetailed and Hygraph is quick, simple, and requires minimal setup.

Check out the documentation here to see how to implement the Ninetailed UI Extension.

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