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Hygraph wins Ashley Furniture as a new Customer

We're excited to share that Ashley Furniture will be working with Hygraph to build their MACH-certified composable architecture.
Emily Nielsen
Ronak Ganatra

Emily & Ronak

Jun 16, 2022
hygraph wins ashley furniture

We are pleased to announce that Ashley Furniture Industries Inc. has chosen Hygraph to be part of their modular architecture as they move towards a composable microservice approach. The company hopes to build a future proof MACH-certified architecture for their eCommerce presence to provide users with the high-quality and performant user experience they’ve come to expect from Ashley Furniture.

Ashley Furniture Industries Inc. is an American furniture retailer and manufacturer with over 1000 stores operating in over 155 countries. Headquartered in Arcadia, Wisconsin, Ashley Furniture has grown from being a small family business to supplying furniture to over 20,000 storefronts around the world. A reliable and trusted name in home furnishings, Ashley hopes to translate the seamless, straightforward in-store shopping experience into their online presence as well.

Hygraph is excited to be embarking on the journey with Ashley Furniture to build future-proof eCommerce experiences for their customers. This aligns with recent trends we have seen in the eCommerce space to opt for composable experience stacks using MACH-led microservices of their choice.

“Over the past few months we’ve noticed an undeniable trend in companies adopting a MACH-certified approach to building better architectures with composable microservices. We’re incredibly excited to be part of Ashley Furniture’s journey in this as they venture towards building better frontend experiences with GraphQL at their core — using Hygraph to power their ambitious plans.” – Ronak Ganatra, VP of Marketing

To learn more about how Hygraph can help your team build a powerful, composable architecture that drives high performing applications and sites, please contact us.

#About Hygraph

Hygraph is the first enterprise-class headless content management and federation platform. With the industry's most versatile GraphQL content APIs and a novel approach in external data sourcing via API extensions, the content platform enables use cases beyond simple headless CMS' capabilities.

Enterprise customers see Hygraph as a database highly optimized for structured content while giving content operators the tools to build their ultimate content pipeline. Currently enabling teams from over 50,000 organizations like Telenor, Gamescom, and Shure to rapidly build and deliver tomorrow’s omnichannel digital experiences at scale, Hygraph is developed by GraphCMS GmbH and headquartered in Berlin, Germany.

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