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Introducing Four New Server Regions

We are excited to announce four new regions for users to use as additional preferred data centers to host content.
Gijs Hendrix

Written by Gijs Hendrix

Dec 03, 2021
Introducing New Server Regions

#We’re Expanding

We’re happy to announce we’ve added four new regions where you can host your Hygraph content. These new regions are: Australia (Sydney), Brazil (São Paulo), India (Mumbai), and United Kingdom (London)

Starting today, all users will be able to select any of these new regions as an additional preferred data center to host their content, along with the existing shared clusters in US West (Oregon), US East (N. Virginia), Germany (Frankfurt), Canada (Montreal), and Japan (Tokyo).

New Regions 2.png

These new server regions help our Hygraph users experience increased performance. These additional regions ensure that projects created and managed across the globe are able to meet local regulatory requirements and have close proximity to our growing user base.

If you’re the project owner and would like to move your existing project to one of our new data centers, you can simply clone your existing project to the new region. Make sure to ping our support team for migrating your existing paid plan over to the cloned project.

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Gijs Hendrix

Gijs Hendrix

Gijs is the Head of Product at Hygraph. When he's not focused on realizing our product vision, he spends time teaching others how to pronounce his first name.

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