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    Jesse Martin

    Jesse Martin

    Oct 11, 2018
    GraphCMS Product Release - October 2018

    Tell me, what's cooler than cool? Hygraph landing new features and making your digital life better in basically every way - that's cool. Guess what? We've got a cool drop for you today. Hey ya!

    #A New Newsletter!

    We've been listening to your requests and we've finally revamped our newsletter. If you're reading this, there's a good chance you've already seen it. So, you're welcome.

    What? Ok, maybe not everyone was wanting a new newsletter. But it is a very convenient way for us to tell you about all the new features we are putting into the application, which is why we've relaunched this medium with a promise: "No new newsletter without new features!" That's right, we don't like getting spammed, either. But a helpful newsletter is actually quite nice!

    When we have a new feature to share with you, we will wrap it up with some community highlights and helpful resources and send it off. If you see our sassy, emoji-laden envelope in your inbox - you know something wonderful has happened.


    Some people aren't into newsletters. That's ok. When you're an international person of mystery, living the digital nomad lifestyle, sometimes you just want to find the features for yourself.

    We've got you. Check out our new changelog. To the changelog!

    #Speaking of Changes

    If the changelog doesn't give you hope for the future, perhaps a sneak peak behind the curtain will? We've also published a roadmap. Not all of the upcoming features are listed, because, well, we like to have a few surprises for you down the road, but the ones most people care about and request the most often can be found on our roadmap.

    #Feature Parade

    Ok, let's get to it!

    Visual Query Editor

    You can find the new visual query editor under the content tab. Now when you try to filter your content, you can use an intuitive UI with a familiar feel. Select a filter from the filter field in the content view, adjust the settings for your desired results and hit play. It's almost magic. Just kidding, it is magic.

    Unique Fields

    This one was a highly requested feature, and for good reason! Now any field in your model can be unique. This is important for connecting models together in references. You can find these options under "advanced." See below.

    Required Fields

    Also an important feature, now you can enforce good data practice by requiring all important fields to be filled out. Also under advanced.

    "Unique and required fields"

    Add custom fields to the Asset Model

    A surprisingly useful option, users can now define any arbitrary field they would want on the asset model. Want to include the people in an audio file or the products inside a photo? Now you can. See below.

    Enum Search Field

    For those of you that have a lot of Enums. You're welcome. This was not a great experience before. Finding the correct field would lead to endless scrolling to get to the correct option. Now you can type to search.

    Here's a flow that shows extending the asset model and using enum search.

    Lightbox for Assets

    Because why not? It's nice to get a quick preview of your image when you are trying to find the right one. The big win in this feature was a much larger deep clean in how assets are handled in the back-end. You should notice major performance wins, including the ability add assets inline.

    "Unique and required fields"

    Change Field Appearance

    Sometimes you'd rather that Multi-line text field actually be Markdown, or vice-versa. Now you can swap out field types for compatible types. Floats to integers, etc.

    "Unique and required fields"

    #That's it

    Alright, that's it for now! We will be attempting to send one of these every two weeks or so to sync up with our feature release cycle. If you have a hot-tip for us or community resource to share for the next newsletter, please reach out at this address. Enjoy!

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