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Product Update: October 2020

Introducing Audit Logs, Redesigned Reference Editor, Asset Upload API and more!
Michael Lukaszczyk

Michael Lukaszczyk

Oct 29, 2020
Hygraph Product Update - October 2020

Another month, another exciting release! Learn about the new additions and improvements in this blog post.


  • Introducing Audit Logs: You can now have full observability of your Hygraph projects. Be it modifications to your schema or content, all changes can be tracked by project administrators.
  • We have drastically improved the creation flow of references and now guide you smoothly through the process.
  • A new API for uploading assets from your file system or via URL helps you to easily create Hygraph assets programmatically.
  • We introduced a new clear action on fields.
  • In-app notifications got a redesign.
  • Several tweaks, fixes, and improvements across the board.
  • We released our own report on the emergence of microservice led Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs).

#Introducing Audit Logs


For larger organizations, observability is one of the key aspects when deciding for a software vendor. With our latest release, we added Audit Logs to Hygraph. Audit Logs help you to track all changes that happened to your schema and content.

Audit logs are part of our enterprise offering. Get a demo now!

You can find more information on audit logs in the docs

#New Reference Editor

Building complex content models can be challenging. To make the process easier for you, we have redesigned our reference editor to smoothly guide you through the process of connecting models.


#A New API for Uploading Assets

Uploading assets to Hygraph just got much easier with our new API for asset uploads! You can upload assets from your file system or from a remote URL.

It can be used with a simple POST request. The same authentication mechanisms as for regular content API calls apply. Make sure to "Allow Mutations" on your token or endpoint to be able to upload assets.

curl -XPOST -F fileUpload=@picture.jpg <url-endpoint>

You can find more information on the new upload endpoint in the docs.

#New Clear Action in Content Form

We have added a handy new clear button to reset field values to null.


#Redesign of Our In-app Notifications

The In-app notifications within Hygraph got an improved new design.


In addition to this, there have been several tweaks, fixes and improvements across the board. Stay tuned for another exciting release in the coming days!

#Download the DXP report

We recently published a report titled "Modernizing Enterprise Tech Stacks by Embracing Modular Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs)".

The purpose of this report is to highlight how companies can take control of their tech stacks to decide what works best for them, rather than falling prey to legacy software practices that are expensive, hard to maintain, and result in overwhelming monetary and human-hour overheads.

We take an in-depth dive into going over the current DXP landscape, what a microservice led DXP is, and what benefits this approach has when forgoing monolith lock-ins.


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Michael Lukaszczyk

Michael Lukaszczyk

Co-founder and CEO

Michael is the Co-founder and CEO at Hygraph. He's a SaaS builder with a product focus and 19 years of web development experience.

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