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Hygraph and Swell announce strategic partnership

We're pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with flexible headless commerce solution, Swell. to build intuitive API-first architectures.
Emily Nielsen
Allison Wasz Lanier

Emily & Allison

May 02, 2022

Berlin, and San Francisco; May 2022: Today, we are happy to announce our strategic partnership with Swell, a flexible headless commerce solution bringing a new voice to API-first architectures and approaches. Companies looking to create modern, intuitive commerce experiences look to the modular SaaS architectures to provide the highest quality user experience.

Trusted names like Save The Children, and publicly-traded Infinitas, rely on Swell to provide high-quality commerce experiences. Hygraph looks forward to working together with Swell to provide joint solutions that target user experience and build performant modular tech stacks.

"We’re pleased to be formalizing our relationship with Swell. We’ve seen an incredible approach to modern commerce from their team, and see lots of potential in joint solutions with Hygraph and Swell. We look forward to working on some great projects together in the near future", says John Henn, Head of Partnerships at Hygraph.

With their combined industry knowledge and skill with approaching modular architectures to meet teams specific needs and use cases, Hygraph and Swell together can serve as the backbone for API-driven solutions to digital commerce.

Kevin McKeand, Chief Commercial Officer at Swell adds, "The partnership between Hygraph and Swell is a natural fit as both companies empower merchants with infinite flexibility through API-first infrastructures. Swell is looking forward to a robust partnership as, together, we enable merchants to succeed in the modern era of commerce."

To learn more about working with Hygraph and Swell on your next project, get in touch with us.

#About Swell

Swell is the most flexible commerce platform on the market, powering innovative brands to sell creatively. From new startups to large enterprises, Swell’s customizable backend enables merchants to optimize for the modern era of commerce today, while offering unmatched flexibility to scale tomorrow.

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#About Hygraph

Hygraph is the first enterprise-class headless content management and federation platform. With the industry's most versatile GraphQL content APIs and a novel approach in external data sourcing via API extensions, the content platform enables use cases beyond simple headless CMS' capabilities.

Enterprise customers see Hygraph as a database highly optimized for structured content while giving content operators the tools to build their ultimate content pipeline. Currently enabling teams from over 50,000 organizations like Telenor, Burrow, Gamescom, and Shure to rapidly build and deliver tomorrow’s omnichannel digital experiences at scale, Hygraph is developed by Hygraph GmbH and headquartered in Berlin, Germany.

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