Onboarding and Support

Do you provide dedicated solution architects?

A dedicated solution architect can assist you in the architecture design of your project during the onboarding phase and share best practices from other enterprises relying on Hygraph.

Do you provide ongoing technical support?

If required, our team will provide you with 24x7 chat, email, and phone support. Service level agreements (SLAs) with different levels of support availability ensure that we will take on resolving your most critical issues within less than an hour.

Are there any dedicated Slack channels?

All users have access to our community Slack channel. Optionally, on enterprise plans, your team can be invited into an internal Slack channel for your organization where our experts and engineers will directly respond to any enquiries specific to your project.

What resources or training do you offer?

In addition to documentation – updated on an ongoing basis – you can also find answers to your questions in our how-to video library. We also offer technical training (e.g. webinars, live streams, etc.) on a regular basis.