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CMS for content localization

Seamlessly implement your localization strategy and centrally manage translations for multiple global sites through one CMS.


Trusted by teams of all sizes to deliver content to millions across the world.

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Headless CMS for efficient content localization

Traditional CMS are not built for localization

They slow down teams. Both devs and editors are dependent on each other for launching in new markets.

⁠Custom plugins to translate content negatively impact performance, scalability and security.

Adopt a headless approach to content localization

Centrally manage translations for all global sites, using your own workflows.

Devs can build localization functionalities for any channel (website, apps, etc.) without being bottlenecked by content.

Why choose Hygraph as your CMS for Localization?

For editors

Centrally manage all translations in one place

Have an article and need to create translations for it? Easily add translations and manage it all in one place. Independently publish each version for each county's site.


Fo devs

Seamlessly implement localization via API

Build apps for any region or channel by querying all localizations via a single API.

Quickly launch in new markets

Editors can independently work on translations and publish content without involvement of devs. Devs, on the other hand, can use the API to build new apps or features, much faster.


Custom workflows and permissions

Manage translations using your own workflows and by creating custom roles with locale based permissions.


50 languages maintained via one CMS

The Discovery team uses Hygraph to serve localized content across 200 countries in 50 languages, while ensuring productive and efficient internal operations.

Hygraph customer success story - Discovery

Integrate with your translation provider

using our apps or by building your own custom one

Get started for free, or request a demo to discuss larger projects