Here's a quick summary of everything we released in Q1 2024.

Hygraph for Structured Content

Structure and organize your content and information in a predictable way and, classified with metadata. Hygraph lets you create cleaner content once to be reusable across devices, saving you time and resources.

Hygraph for Structured Content

Trusted by teams of all sizes to deliver content to millions across the world

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Create once, publish everywhere

Hygraph gives you all the tools you need to define clearly structured content into models that can be delivered via API to all digital frontends.

“I love the idea of pure content data in Hygraph. All applications simply retrieve content via GraphQL and serve it the way we need to at different touchpoints.”

Leading Touring Car Motorsport, DTM, accelerates with a successful user-centric digital transformation by embracing structured data across their websites and applications.

DTM Case study

Break away from the “page builder” mentality

In today’s digital age, users expect content to be available across platforms and to have a consistent experience whether they are consuming content on a website, streaming platform, TV app, mobile application, or from a voice assistant.

Break away from the “page builder” mentality

Unlock a truly omnichannel stack

Creating a core of structured content that can be adapted to fit the use case de jour will make it easier to get new projects off the ground as well as quickly make changes to existing projects, resulting in more sustainable content management.

Structured content gives teams the opportunity to leave their options open for future endeavors when new devices and platforms align with the business model.

Unlock a truly omnichannel stack

Build your DXP with confidence

When you work with structured content, you unlock the opportunity to integrate countless services like CRM, CDP, eCommerce, and Automation to have them communicate with one another via API.

This allows you to deliver better digital experiences and gather data from wherever your customers engage with your content across every digital touchpoint, not just your website.

Build your DXP with confidence

See how teams use composable architectures to scale

From high-velocity scaleups to the Fortune 500, global businesses rely on Hygraph to unify APIs and deliver better digital products.

Why Hygraph

Discover how a GraphQL Headless CMS accelerates your website projects

High performance

Rapidly store, manage, and query content to render at scale without sacrificing on performance.

Programmable content

Hygraph serves as your single source of truth for all content needs, and serves them as and when required via API.

Omni-channel content distribution

Experience true flexibility in delivering native content across all locales and devices, from web and mobile, to wearables and other smart devices.

Centralised Content Layer

Content teams can deliver all assets across regions from a single repository, whether they be landing pages, banners, microsites, or a variety of other collateral.

Seamless Integrations

Flexibly connect with any distribution service, inventory management, booking engines, and other travel APIs.

Scale in every direction

Whether you’re adding more products into your portfolio, evolving your tech stack, increasing your project’s complexity, or expanding into new markets, Hygraph can scale horizontally, vertically, and globally. The scalability of Hygraph makes it an excellent headless CMS for enterprise companies or up-and-coming startups.

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