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Especial joins the Hygraph Partner Network

We're pleased to announce that Especial has joined the Hygraph Implementation Partner Network.
Shubham Khenat
Malte Dietrich

Shubham, Malte & 1 more

Aug 17, 2022

Hygraph is pleased to bring Especial into the Hygraph partner network. Especial is a Düsseldorf-based agency that focuses on creating high quality digital experiences using agile methodologies and best-of-breed technologies. Their clients range from startups to large international corporations.

Hygraph and Especial have a long history of collaborating on previous and existing projects and are excited to continue this trend as our partnership grows. The two partners have worked together in the past to build an application for the German Chemical Society, which serves over 30,000 chemists. Especial specializes in building with modular architectures and helping clients at every step along the way, from initial project consultation to design and implementation. In the future, we hope to continue to bring together modular architectures with Hygraph and the expertise of the knowledgeable Especial development team to build high-quality digital products in other projects as well.

"We are happy to formalize our partnership with Especial and look forward to working more closely together in the future. It was great to see the work they have done with the German Chemical Society and are excited for what is to come with their commitment to building with modular architectures in their approach to architectures." — Shubham Khenat, Partnerships and Business Development

Through these partnerships, we hope to build stronger connections in the agency ecosystem to help connect customers to agencies that are creating the digital experiences that will drive groundbreaking products. Especial is a great example of an agency that works agiley to build powerful products.

"Building projects on Hygraph has always been a great experience and insured great outcomes for our clients and us. We especially enjoy the spot-on support for our dev team and the continuous rollout of valuable and exciting new features. Thus, we’re delighted about partnering with Hygraph and working even more closely together." — Malte Dietrich, ecommerce consultant & co-owner at Especial

Hygraph is actively building out our network of agile agencies that are building future-focused digital products. For more information on how to join our partner network, please reach out.

#About Especial

Especial is a web development agency that helps established businesses to successfully transform their products or services into a digital offering that provides a best-in-class user experience for new and existing customers. Their work covers any customer-facing digital interfaces – from “traditional” websites with a twist over (web & mobile) apps to ecommerce applications. Especial is based in Düsseldorf, Germany, operates worldwide with an international team and has helped many medium-sized businesses, like Pieroth and PGM ArtWorlD as well as enterprise level clients like Asus and Sky.

#About Hygraph

Hygraph (previously GraphCMS) is the enterprise-grade federated content platform that enables ambitious digital products at scale. With the industry's most versatile GraphQL content API and a novel approach to external data sourcing, the federated content platform enables use cases beyond existing market solutions. Hygraph's capabilities can be extended as a database highly optimized for structured content while giving content creators the tools to build their ultimate content pipeline. Hygraph is headquartered in Berlin, Germany, and is currently enabling more than 50,000 teams across the world including Dr.Oetker, Shure, Samsung and Philips to rapidly build and deliver tomorrow's connected digital experiences at scale.

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