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Introducing assignment workflows and other improvements to commenting in Hygraph

You can now start a discussion under a comment, and under the newly introduced assignment workflow, also assign a comment to other users and resolve them upon completion.
Shahan Syed

Written by Shahan Syed

Mar 07, 2023
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Two months ago, we launched our commenting feature to allow teams to better collaborate on content.

At the same time, we also talked about releasing more collaboration and project management-related features in future.

As promised, we have released numerous improvements to our commenting feature and here's a summary of them all.

#Start a discussion under a comment

Users can now easily reply to any comment and start a discussion. This means that comments can be more easily resolved and the experience is more streamlined.

#New assignment workflow

Other than being able to mention someone, users can now also assign a comment to another user.

The assignee will get a notification regarding the comment that has been assigned to them.

Once this has been catered to, the assignee can then resolve the comment.

For improved visibility, users can see who a comment has been assigned to, and the ones that have been resolved.

Overall, the assignment workflow can help editorial teams publish content much faster, as relevant stakeholders can be quickly informed about their tasks.

We are excited to see how these updates will help streamline and simplify the editorial process and improve collaboration.

Try out our commenting feature if you haven't yet. It's simple, as all you need to do is go to any content entry, make sure it's saved at least once, and then navigate to the "comments" tab on the sidebar.

Explore around and feel free to share your feedback on our Slack Channel.

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Shahan Syed

Shahan Syed

Shahan is the Product Marketing Manager at Hygraph. Living in Pakistan, he loves to spend time exploring places, pencil sketching, reading, and watching science fiction and K-dramas.

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