Introducing Comments

You can now add comments to content entries in Hygraph, assign and notify users, and resolve them upon completion.

Shahan Syed
A representation of commenting in Hygraph through means of vectors

It's good to gather feedback.

But what's not good is having to consolidate feedback spread across chat, email, or other applications.

Chasing around team members to resolve issues is another hassle.

As a content editor, you'd rather prefer to have discussions in your CMS right next to content entries, where you can assign change requests to users, resolve them and swiftly move forward.

With our new commenting feature, that's exactly what you get.

You can now add comments to content entries in Hygraph, assign and notify users, and resolve them upon completion.

Our commenting feature is the first of the many collaboration features to follow," said Andrew, Product Manager at Hygraph. "Our aim is to help teams share and consolidate feedback, improve asynchronous communication, and speed up the editorial process.

This article summarizes how your team can benefit from the various capabilities offered by our commenting feature.

Adding comments to content entriesAnchor

No more scattered feedbackAnchor

First and foremost, team members can now add multiple comments to content entries.

Reduce clutter, resolve upon completionAnchor

Users can resolve comments as soon as they have been accounted for.

It works the other way as well; resolved comments can be reopened if needed.

No more chasing around team membersAnchor

To speed up the editorial process, users can assign comments to other team members, who would then receive a notification regarding this.

Receiving notificationsAnchor

Don't miss out! Receive notifications in your inboxAnchor

When assigned a comment, notifications can land in team members' inboxes, allowing them to quickly navigate to content entries that require their attention.

One single view; in-app notifications from across projectsAnchor

Users can open the notifications pane from the sidebar and view comments that they have been mentioned in across all of their projects.

Don't like a cluttered inbox? You are in control!Anchor

According to their preferences, users can choose to enable or disable both the in-app or email notifications.

Concluding noteAnchor

We are excited to launch the commenting feature, which will be followed by more collaboration and project management related features.

Our aim is to help teams better share and consolidate feedback on content entries in Hygraph, improve asynchronous communication, and better manage content edits.

Read our documentation on commenting for any further clarification. Do let us know what you think by sharing your feedback in our Slack Channel.