Lokalise joins the Hygraph Ecosystem Partner Network

We are pleased to announce that Lokalise has joined the Hygraph Ecosystem.

Cadu Alves
Lokalise joins the Hygraph Ecosystem Partner Network

We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Lokalise, a platform which enables teams to localize and translate content quickly and easily. Lokalise will join our ecosystem partner network, for technologies that share the vision of composability to unlock best practices using specialized services. To further demonstrate our commitment to this partnership, we are pleased to announce the latest version of the Lokalise integration for Hygraph. With this latest version, teams unlock more functionality and more efficient workflows.

Lokalise is a powerful, easy-to-use localization and translation platform used by brands such as Mastercard, Starbucks, and Revolut. Hygraph firmly believes that Lokalise is a key player for many composable architectures for teams looking to build memorable digital experiences using today’s best practices. When the two are used in tandem, Hygraph and Lokalise users can create high performing digital products that meet the needs of a global audience. To make the workflows even easier and create a seamless flow of content, we chose to build a custom integration for Lokalise and Hygraph.

Integrate Hygraph with LokaliseAnchor

With our latest integration, teams can simplify their workflows between Lokalise and Hygraph by creating bulk imports and exports of content and easily manage multiple locales for their digital products through a dedicated interface within Hygraph. This new integration will improvethe workflow of using the two systems in tandem saving time and minimizing potential mistakes from manual workflows.

Take the Hygraph Lokalise integration for a spin.

We are looking forward to seeing our users benefit from the latest integration from Hygraph and Lokalise integration and look forward to our continued partnership. For more information on our custom integrations or to learn how to join the Hygraph Partner Network, please get in touch.

About LokaliseAnchor

Lokalise is a continuous localization and translation management platform for companies going global. With over 60 integrations, Lokalise fits perfectly into your workflow so that your team can stay focused on their work, while providing the transparency, context and world-class customer support that enables quick and accurate localization. Large enterprise businesses like Starbucks, quickly-scaling companies like Lucid Motors, and start-ups like Revolut all use Lokalise to reach their global ambitions.

About HygraphAnchor

Hygraph (previously GraphCMS) is the enterprise-grade federated content platform that enables ambitious digital products at scale. With the industry's most versatile GraphQL content API and a novel approach to external data sourcing, the federated content platform enables use cases beyond existing market solutions. Hygraph's capabilities can be extended as a database highly optimized for structured content while giving content creators the tools to build their ultimate content pipeline. Hygraph is headquartered in Berlin, Germany, and is currently enabling more than 50,000 teams across the world including Dr.Oetker, Shure, Samsung and Philips to rapidly build and deliver tomorrow's connected digital experiences at scale.