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Announcing the Official Hygraph Marketing Website Starter

Introducing the Marketing Website Starter built using Hygraph, Next.js, and Chakra UI. Quickly prototype and iterate on your own website.
Ronak Ganatra
João Pedro Schmitz

Ronak & João

Jun 15, 2021
Headless CMS Website Starter - GraphCMS, Next.js, Chakra UI And Vercel

We're excited to share that we have a new official Hygraph Starter! A Marketing Website for SaaS Products built using Hygraph, Next.js, and Chakra UI. The repository for this is open-sourced, so you can quickly prototype and iterate on your own website.

Modern Marketing Websites with a Headless CMS

This reference application is an example of how to build a fully-funcional marketing website for a SaaS product using Hygraph.



1. Clone the repository and install project dependencies

npx degit hygraph/reference-marketing-website#main reference-marketing-website
cd reference-marketing-website

2. Provide your Hygraph project keys

In order to use this starter, you'll need to have created a new Hygraph project using our Marketing Website Template.

Navigate into your new site’s directory and copy the .env.local.example file.

cp .env.local.example .env.local

Inside of your newly created .env.local file, provide values for the variable. These variables can be found in the project settings UI.


3. Start building!

yarn dev

Get started with your own Marketing Website

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