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Combine the best of structured content, asset management, SEO, and localization with an intuitive Content Studio to deliver modern, immersive, and resilient website experiences.

GraphCMS for Modern Marketing Websites and SEO

Trusted by teams of all sizes to deliver content to millions across the world

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Experience content management at the speed of business

Hygraph empowers teams to create and deliver localized content with strong SEO foundations within minutes, not days.

"With Hygraph, the marketing team virtually needs no further support from our developers..."

"With Hygraph, the marketing team virtually needs no further support from our developers..."

Up implemented Hygraph to power their high-traffic marketing website and deliver personalized coupon experiences to millions of users.

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Create modern websites to delight customers wherever they are

Create modern websites to delight customers wherever they are

Store all your content in several languages for onsite promotions, landing pages, banners, posts, and more, within a single content hub. Distribute them natively across platforms to engage your customers on whichever device they’re on.

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Headless CMS for SEO in context

Headless CMS for SEO in context

With a strong technical SEO foundation in place, take full operational control over metadata, social shares, URL structures, image optimization, asset transformations, crawling priorities, and sitemap enrichment.

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Efficiency by design

Efficiency by design

Designed to work with the workflows you’re accustomed to, Hygraph provides granular user roles, content stages, retention, and versioning - you have full control over what gets published and when.

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A modern approach to high-volume publishing with a Headless CMS for News & Publications.

In evaluating a headless CMS for their project, there were a couple of drivers that were essential to the team. The new system must be extremely flexible, reliable, have easy onboarding for the technical team, and be fairly priced. Hygraph checked all of the boxes for their team and fit the needs of the use case.

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Discovery maintains a high standard of content quality at speed with Hygraph.

Discovery uses Hygraph for global news stories, celebrity news, and stories about wildlife conservation as it relates to the tiger protection Project C.A.T.

The authoring interface enables simple and quick editing and curation process of stories so that the website can stay up-to-date in real-time as news breaks.

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Neat chooses Hygraph as a content aggregator for FinTech.

Neat.hk, a Hong Kong-based FinTech company, is a modern alternative to a bank that gives entrepreneurs and SMEs multi-currency accounts that can be opened and managed entirely online.

To complement their cutting-edge tech stack (which includes GraphQL and Next.js) and the need for high powered localization tools, they chose Hygraph for their revamped digital presence.

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Why Hygraph

Discover how a GraphQL Headless CMS accelerates your website projects

Performance First

Hygraph powered websites have been proven to reduce bounce rates, increase Lighthouse scores, and provide stronger Web Vitals metrics.

Agile Workflows

Hygraph unlocks powerful workflows to reduce co-dependence between development and content teams. Work in parallel and reduce time to market.

Endless Extensibility

With webhooks, remote fields, and integrations, connect Hygraph with all your favorite tools and services to make meaningful business decisions.

Streamlined SEO

Follow SEO best practices with a CMS that is built to accommodate exceptional technical and operational SEO results so you can focus on creating content.

Localization out of the box

As one of the few Headless CMS to support in-built localization and locale-based publishing, you can reach your customers across borders wherever they are, to make them feel at home.

Extra Firepower

Gain access to our global implementation and technology partners to ensure you’re building the best digital experiences without compromise.