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Hygraph for websites and SEO

Build innovative and lightning-fast websites using modern frontend technologies of choice through a native GraphQL, API-first, headless CMS.


Trusted by teams of all sizes to deliver content to millions across the world

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Traditional CMSs are rigid and restrictive, slowing your teams

Your developers have limited flexibility — they often aren’t able to fulfill business requests due to tech limitations.

Moreoever, content teams struggle to create, manage and publish content at the velocity they expect.

Easy, omnichannel delivery with a modern headless CMS

Empower developers to build with flexibility for any frontend technology they choose.

Enable your content teams to independently publish changes to multiple channels, 10x faster.

Flexibility to build what you want, using tech you prefer

Hygraph provides frontend and backend freedom unmatched by any other CMS. With API-first content delivery and unique Content Federation capabilities that can be customized to function similarly to a BFF pattern, enjoy absolute freedom in creating the kind of website you desire, whether it's complex or straightforward.


Off the chart page-speed scores

With an un-opinionated API and highly-scalable infrastructure, build your website using modern web technologies and practices, unlocking ultra-fast load times regardless of whether the site is made up of 1000 pages or 100,000!


Improve content discoverability

With a headless approach and faster website, unlock opportunities for improved search performance; organic or on-site. Take full operational control over metadata, social shares, URL structures, image optimization, asset transformations, crawling priorities, sitemap enrichment and much more.


Consistent and up-to-date information for your audience

Provides content teams with an intuitive interface to manage content using workflows they are accustomed to, and independently publish new content or update information on your website 10x faster.


Seamlessly implement personalization, localization and A/B testing

Organize your content into modular blocks, use in-built functionality to localize them, and easily integrate with your familiar tools to personalize and conduct real-time A/B tests.


Future-proof your website

Build your website with a Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless (MACH) approach. By doing so, easily add, deprecate or replace any part of your website’s tech in the future.


Building a FinTech-ready static website

Since they found Hygraph robust, developer-friendly and intuitive for their content teams to make updates, Neat chose us for their new rebranded website and immediately witnessed 5x improvements in content velocity.

Hygraph customer success story - Neat

All the capabilities you need to create engaging websites

Combining content from multiple sources and distributing them to any frontend, content federation unlocks value unmatched by current content management providers.

Driving the future of Autoweb’s website with a modern tech stack

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With the old technology, it was taking weeks or months, whenever we wanted to make a simple change in the content, whether it was the layout, creating a new input or a new section within the page, etc. Now the turn around time is only a couple of days, which is a big improvement.
Renee Avila
Product Manager, AutoWeb
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