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Hygraph partners with Siili for flexible and adaptable composable eCommerce solutions in the Nordics

Hygraph and Siili have partnered to offer customers tailored replatforming strategies and implementations, empowering them to experiment and build according to their unique needs.
Cristina Mitroi

Cristina Mitroi

Dec 08, 2023
Hygraph and Siili logos

We are excited to announce our collaboration with Siili, a renowned software development powerhouse specializing in innovating, designing, and running digital services. Siili's unique blend of digital agency expertise and technological prowess positions them as leaders in creating impactful digital strategies, transforming data into actionable insights, and developing meaningful innovations.

With our partnership, we aim to offer the Nordic market flexible and adaptable composable solutions, with a particular emphasis on eCommerce. Organizations exploring the transition to composable, best-of-breed solutions, can benefit from tailored replatforming strategies and implementations, empowering them to experiment and build according to their unique needs, budget, and technological constraints.

Why Siili and Hygraph? Our partnership ensures that clients not only have access to the best technical expertise but also a modern, flexible headless CMS to enable their digital product journey. This collaboration allows businesses to move at their own pace, whether it's for updating their current stack or future-proofing their digital infrastructure.

This partnership isn’t just about technology; it’s about empowering businesses in the Nordic market to shape their digital future. Together with Siili, we’re not just offering solutions; we’re crafting opportunities for growth, innovation, and a seamless digital experience.
Jorge YanesSenior Partnerships Manager at Hygraph
Siili proudly announces its partnership with Hygraph—a pivotal move aligning seamlessly with our vision. The fusion of Siili's expertise in design and delivery with Hygraph's cutting-edge Headless CMS capabilities, coupled with robust eCommerce and PIM support, marks a transformative chapter in our solution partner portfolio. Siili has diligently sought a partner that aligns with our commitment to innovation. Hygraph emerged as the clear choice, with its unparalleled headless CMS and content orchestration prowess, their support to eCommerce use cases combined with a truly flexible and collaborative approach.
Kari SaarelaeCommerce Director at Siili Solutions plc
The modern web is evolving fast, and expectations and demands for self-service portals and other online services are ever-growing. We have been seeking a full headless CMS with commercial capabilities to support our clients in this rapid development. We see that Hygraph’s user-friendly UI, efficient content capabilities, and other features can bring value to our client companies who are investing in building digital touchpoints, including modern eCommerce solutions. We are particularly excited about Hygraph’s unique features like remote data sources that provide a crucial bridge to clients from monolith architecture to a phased and risk-mitigated composable future. This not only aligns with our commitment to innovation but also significantly reduces client risk while expediting time-to-value.
Antti TuppurainenLead consultant at Siili Solutions plc

Get ready for a transformative journey with Hygraph and Siili.

About Siili

Siili is a full-service development partner for digital solutions. We innovate, design, build, and run advanced digital services. With Siili, ideas are not left on the drawing board. We see things through - from design to technical implementation to customer value. We are an international player with 1000+ of the most experienced experts in their respective fields, complemented by a broad network of subcontractors. We make it real.

For more information about Siili, please visit

About Hygraph

Hygraph is the enterprise-grade federated content platform that enables content creators to rapidly build and deliver tomorrow’s connected digital experiences at scale. As the next generation of CMS, Hygraph powers a many-to-many relationship between different content sources and devices. Hygraph’s modern API approach allows organizations to innovate faster and at lower cost, whether it’s building content-rich applications, or managing large product catalogs or internal knowledge management systems.

Hygraph is headquartered in Berlin, Germany, and currently works with 400+ customers globally, including Dr.Oetker, Shure, Samsung, and Philips.

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Cristina Mitroi

Cristina Mitroi

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