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Enable content teams to efficiently create, edit, and collaborate on content at a large scale with advanced features at their disposal.

#Rich Text Editor

The Rich Text Field, sometimes called WYSIWYG, helps content creators create, edit, and link content. Content teams can use link, inline and block embeds to add existing content from the Hygraph project.

For dev teams, the Rich Text Field is an advanced String field that returns your content in 4 different formats by default: raw, HTML, markdown, and text. JSON is also available when embeds are enabled.

React Rich Text Renderer

Hygraph allows its technical users the ability to render documents and content items using Rich Text in your application, easily. This project is open-source, and we encourage users to contribute to the development and help with bug fixes, issues, or feature requests. Explore the repo on GitHub or NPM.

HTML to Rich Text Converter

For teams looking to import existing HTML into Hygraph, it is possible using our Hygraph Rich Text Converter. The Hygraph Rich Text Editor uses and defines its own schema on top of it. The package generates an AST that compiles to a compatible Hygraph Rich Text Schema found on GitHub and NPM.

Rich text editor feature in Hygraph


Compare existing content with previous versions for each field, and restore if need be.

Versioning feature in Hygraph

#Bulk Editing

Save time by making changes to multiple content entries at once.

Bulk editing feature in Hygraph

#Content Editor

Easily access, search and manage content and digital assets in a centralized place, with batch operations, advanced filtering and custom views.

#Content Preview

Set up URLs to preview content through auto-generated links on your frontend before it's published.

Content Preview feature in Hygraph


Add comments to content entries, start a discussion within and assign them to team members directly from within the CMS.

Commenting feature in Hygraph

#Assignment workflow

Speed up the editorial workflow by assigning tasks to relevant team members, who are notified about these tasks and can resolve them upon completion.

Assignment workflow in Hygraph

#Programmatic Content Creation

Other than the Hygraph UI, as you can also use the powerful mutations API to programmatically create, update, or delete content using other systems or even create end-user applications with UGC.

mutation {
createProduct(data: { name: "Face Mask", slug: "face-mask", price: 1000 }) {

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