Here's a quick summary of everything we released in Q1 2024.

Hygraph for eCommerce

Build personalized omnichannel eCommerce experiences tailored to your customers' needs with a single platform to manage your content, enriched with data from your integrated commerce systems.


Trusted by teams of all sizes to deliver content to millions across the world

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Traditional eCommerce tech is slowing you down

Engineering teams are tied down in non-value adding development; backend, glue code, middleware, etc.

It takes a long time for marketing teams to launch new products or update information.

With an API-first approach, launch campaigns, and features 10x faster

Empower devs to build with utmost flexibility using any technology of choice.

Enable marketing teams to independently publish and update product content.

Launch innovative experiences, faster!

Free up developers from content bottlenecks and backend development efforts. Focus on creating value, through frontend features that captivate your audience.


Create consistent omnichannel commerce experiences

Granular, reusable, enriched content driving omnichannel content consumed via a single GraphQL API, delivered to multiple destinations at once including but not limited to web, apps, kiosks and wearables.


Work with best-of-breed eCommerce technologies

As a headless and composable platform, Hygraph seamlessly connects with all your existing technology systems; ERP, payment gateway, personalization tools, search, and commerce solutions such as Shopify, commercetools, BigCommerce, or any third-party API.


Localized content for global markets

Manage large scale commerce operations with multiple internal content creators and a variety of products across markets, with flexible content modeling, granular permissions and internationalization capabilities.


Manage and edit product information in one centralized system

Store product catalog information (such as product title, images, inventory, etc.) along with editorial content in Hygraph, simplifying the stack and saving in terms of total cost of ownership.


3X increase in Content Velocity - Prym

Founded in 1530, and a household name in German eCommerce, the team at PRYM chose Hygraph for the sheer flexibility it showed with the rest of their stack, including Spryker, Medici, and Dynamic Yield - creating an agile and future-proof eCommerce platform that hosts nearly 100,000 unique products.

Hygraph customer success story - Prym

All the capabilities you need to build eCommerce applications

Our diverse set of features enable teams to work faster and build with utmost flexibility.

Storing product information along with editorial content

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Initially, we started using Hygraph just to handle product content for our website. Today we also use it almost as a PIM – where Hygraph provides all the shipping estimates, customer notifications, and product variations.
Kabeer Chopra
Co-Founder & CPO, Burrow
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