Here's a quick summary of everything we released in Q1 2024.


Enrich existing content with additional information from other systems, or unify multiple APIs into one GraphQL endpoint.

#Remote Sources

Low-code approach to configure multiple external systems with your Hygraph project, with support for both GraphQL or REST APIs. Custom types are auto-generated through introspection, but may need to be defined for some RESTful Remote Sources. Once a remote source has been configured, content from this source can be used across multiple models or query on a top-level.

Remote Sources feature in Hygraph

#Remote Fields

Enrich existing content in Hygraph with additional information from an external system. For example, you can enrich product information in Hygraph with priceimagesquantity, etc. from your commerce system using a unique identifier such as SKUslug, etc.

Remote fields and content enrichment in Hygraph

#Top-level Remote Fields

You can combine data from multiple APIs and query them through a single Hygraph GraphQL API, without the need to link remote content to content hosted in Hygraph. This simplifies your tech stack, allows to manage all APIs in one place, simplifies authentication and authorization on the frontend and improves performance.

remoteProducts {

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