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CMS for application content

Embrace structured content and deliver API-first to multiple digital applications across SaaS, mobile apps, web, streaming platforms, and more.


Trusted by teams of all sizes to deliver content to millions across the world

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Deliver to multiple channels using a unified API

Adopting an API-first approach enables you to efficiently repurpose your content and distribute it across all your current applications, as well as any future ones you intend to introduce.


Don’t let content bottlenecks slow you down

By reusing content and allowing content teams to operate independently, devs can focus solely on launching new projects or introducing enhancements to existing ones.


Leverage all your sources

Through our unique content federation capabilities, build immersive digital applications that engage users by providing information from multiple internal or external sources. 


Think modern. Think interactive!

With our unique GraphQL mutations, go beyond passive consumption and provide interactive capabilities in your digital applications, allowing users to add their own content.


GraphQL APIs for enhanced developer productivity

K+S, Europe’s largest supplier of potash for use in fertilizer, used Hygraph to build its local urban farming app. The editorial teams focused on content, while developers focused on app development using powerful GraphQL APIs, thus helping meet their aggressive timelines. 

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All the capabilities you need for building applications

Our diverse set of features enable teams to work faster and build with utmost flexibility.

Prepared for the future

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I love the idea of pure content data in the headless CMS. All applications – and who knows what we will come up with –simply retrieve content via GraphQL and serve it the way we need to at the different touchpoints. Tomorrow we could build an Alexa skill with the existing content structure we already have in place.
Marvin Weiland
Digital Product Owner and Marketing Manager, DTM
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