Here's a quick summary of everything we released in Q1 2024.

CMS for inventory and catalog management

Manage product information centrally or source from integrated commerce technologies, and hence provice customers with a consistent catalog and product experience across every channel.


Trusted by teams of all sizes to deliver content to millions across the world

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A mismanaged catalog can hold your eCommerce business back

Simple content operations that should take hours or days can take weeks or months.

Aligning product information from across systems using glue/middleware code adds to technical debt and slows progress.

Accelerate your team’s productivity with Hygraph

Launch new content faster while staying consistent across channels.

Source product data from your PIM or commerce tech without content duplication or adding to technical debt.

Manage your product information within Hygraph

When PIM systems are not the perfect fit for your project, you can leverage Hygraph’s industry leading schema design capabilities, asset pipelines and workflows for inventory and product information management along with editorial content.


Or source product information and serve via a single API

Bring together data from your PIM, commerce systems, ERP, DAM, etc., without duplication, structure all of this information into a consistent schema, enrich with additional content and distribute to multiple platforms via one global content API.


Unlock more efficient editorial workflows

By unifying data, enable content teams to create, edit, publish and selectively add information to product catalogs at one place and update everywhere, autonomously and much faster.


Personalization at scale

Seamlessly integrate with your preferred CDP, DMP, martech and personalization APIs to deliver an exceptional customer experience.


Beyond editorial content - Burrow manages inventory for 20,000+ products

Inspired by its content modeling capabilities, Burrow decided to not only use Hygraph for page content, but also to store product information for over 20,000 products. This solution eliminated manual work for developers, increased content velocity and ensured up-to-date content for end-users.

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All the capabilities you need for inventory and catalog management

Combining content from multiple sources and distributing them to any frontend, content federation unlocks value unmatched by current content management providers.

Reducing time-to-market by 5x

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I love the idea of pure content data in the headless CMS. All applications – and who knows what we will come up with –simply retrieve content via GraphQL and serve it the way we need to at the different touchpoints. Tomorrow we could build an Alexa skill with the existing content structure we already have in place.
Marvin Weiland
Digital Product Owner and Marketing Manager, DTM
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