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CMS for B2C media products

Engage with your audience through products that leverage rich content and media, including audio, video, text, and more, complemented by comprehensive metadata.


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Great content differentiates your brand

However, long form articles or PDFs don’t command reading attention - your audience tends to lose focus.

Furthermore, if your content is unstructured, no one can discover or reuse it.

Unlock greater value with a modular approach instead

Serve your content with independent elements - dynamic charts, tables, or even as a cohesive set of articles.

Hygraph’s flexible schema builder helps you quickly build these modular blocks that can be reused.

Seamlessly source content from diverse sources

Unify your internal and external content sources — weather APIs, movie databases, artist information, user details, and more — without duplication or any middleware code.


Structured content and metadata for discoverability

Quickly define the structure of your content, related metadata, and the relationships between individual content models to drive increased content consumption through search engines, recommendation platforms, and as a result by your end-users.


Build high-performance experiences

Leverage a single scalable GraphQL API to build high-speed applications capable of serving large volumes of visitors from across the globe.


Building an engaging recipe platform

Dr Oetker used Hygraph to set up its recipe platform, combining rich data from its recipe database and PIM. Customers can now effortlessly browse and discover various ways to utilize Dr. Oetker's products using the new platform. 

Hygraph customer success story - Dr. Oetker

All the capabilities you need to build content-rich applications

Our diverse set of features enable teams to work faster and build with utmost flexibility.

Serving user-generated content to 3.5M viewers

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We wanted a modular system that's both, modern and innovative. Further, Hygraph allowed us to scale access to content management, while at the same time, keeping the highest level of confidentiality between content creators with different permissions.
Christian Baur
Head of Gamescom & Events, gamescom
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