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Hygraph makes it easy for you to unify and contextualize content to build next-generation media products for your audience.

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A Leading Solution for building digital media products quickly!

Consolidate and structure high volumes of data points from different sources. Learn how Hygraph is the perfect fit for your business to monetize your content.

Turn your content into media products your users engage with

Turn your content into media products your users engage with

Increase your activation rates and viewer retention with structured data that is more accessible.

Get more out of each customer interaction with the right metadata

Get more out of each customer interaction with the right metadata

The Hygraph platform enables publishers to easily unify and structure large volumes of programmatic content sourced from any API-driven service or collected from vendors and partners.

Protect your most valuable asset - your content

Protect your most valuable asset - your content

  • Keep the right people out with a strong permission structure.
  • Hygraph empowers you to granularly define which segment of your users in which market can access which part of your product offering.
  • Manage your media with publishing/ staging mechanisms, scheduling and localisation.

Telenor scales streaming operations with Hygraph.

The Telenor team needed the scale of a database to federate metadata from external APIs - delivering an immersive streaming experience for millions of viewers using their video-on-demand platform across the Nordics.

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BioCentury embraces programmatic content unification and structured content.

Prior to switching to Hygraph, the team at BioCentury worked with a monolithic setup built using Drupal6, with a sitemap of over 50,000 indexed pages. The website had a complex structure of academic articles, archives, whitepapers, and conferences, to name a few.

The team struggled to maintain the infrastructure, deliver the content they wanted to meet their business needs, and provide a better UX to their subscribers. These challenges made it clear that they needed to completely reevaluate their infrastructure and start over - choosing to make the move to Hygraph.

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Why Hygraph

Discover how a GraphQL Headless CMS accelerates your website projects

Unify the Content Layer

Federate your stack into a single API, while reducing the complexity of your architecture.

GraphQL Native

Hygraph harnesses the power of GraphQL.

Query and Mutation APIs

Read and write content via flexible APIs.