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EasyTranslate joins the Hygraph Technology Partner Network

We are pleased to announce that EasyTranslate has joined the Hygraph Ecosystem.
Cristina Mitroi
Janos Vrancsik

Cristina & Janos

May 17, 2023
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Happy to announce our new partnership with EasyTranslate, a complete Translation Management Software that provides companies with efficient and customized solutions for their content-related needs.

EasyTranslate will join our technology partner network, for platforms that share a vision of composability aiming to unlock best practices by using specialized services. Hygraph firmly believes that EasyTranslate offers a valuable and handy solution to companies looking to unfold their global potential, regardless of the company size.

Localization is the lifeblood of a growing global brand, but managing dozens of translators, processes, and reviews at scale is becoming challenging. EasyTranslate simplifies this process offering companies efficiency, automation, transparent pricing and autonomy in how they manage localization.

Integrate Hygraph with EasyTranslate

The integration allows our mutual customers to sync/submit content from Hygraph to EasyTranslate, where it can be localized by AI or by translators. After localization, it can then be imported back into the CMS seamlessly.

Integrating EasyTranslate with Hygraph helps in creating an easier process, allowing for custom access control and overall leads to a faster time to market.

To get started, go to our marketplace to install the EasyTranslate app.

If you’d like to develop your own app, you can get started with the app framework here.

About EasyTranslate

EasyTranslate is a Translation Management Software that provides companies with customized solutions for their content-related needs. Thousands of businesses of all industries - from small e-commerce to large enterprises - use EasyTranslate's software to generate content from simple keywords, recruit freelance translators or automate translation flows from various platforms.

Their platform offers access to AI-generated content, customized workflows, automated processes, and transparent pricing. No matter what operating system you use, their tools are built to integrate it.

Companies have full autonomy in deciding how EasyTranslate will be part of their translation team and based on their needs, they can opt for machine translation or human input.

About Hygraph

Hygraph is the enterprise-grade federated content platform that enables ambitious digital products at scale. With the industry's most versatile GraphQL content API and a novel approach to external data sourcing, the federated content platform enables use cases beyond existing market solutions. Its capabilities can be extended as a database highly optimized for structured content, while giving content creators the tools to build their ultimate content pipeline.

Hygraph is headquartered in Berlin, Germany, and is currently enabling customers across the world including Dr.Oetker, Shure, Samsung and Philips to rapidly build and deliver tomorrow's connected digital experiences at scale.

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