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Hygraph and imgix are excited to officially announce their partnership

Hygraph and imgix have partnered together for a new integration to provide powerful image optimization and AI transformation capabilities, with a simpler content editing workflow.
Cristina Mitroi

Written by Cristina Mitroi

Jul 08, 2024
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We are happy to announce our new partnership with imgix, a leading visual media platform that businesses choose to provide faster web pages, creative freedom and simpler development.

imgix empowers companies to optimize and deliver stunning visual experiences with their powerful APIs, SDKs, Asset Manager, and CDN. They enable the processing and delivery of images and videos on-the-fly to any device within milliseconds.Their rendering API offers intelligent resizing, cropping, and stylization, enhancing web performance, SEO, and user engagement, while their Asset Manager enables direct uploads, effective collaboration, and easy asset organization.

imgix will join our technology partner network, for platforms that share a vision of composability aiming to unlock best practices by using specialized services. Hygraph recognizes that imgix’s robust image and video processing capabilities will enhance our content delivery, ensuring superior performance, optimized visual experiences, and streamline asset management for our users.

Integrate Hygraph with imgix

The integration allows our mutual users to bring imgix directly into their Hygraph project, where it provides powerful image optimization, video delivery, asset management, and CDN service, all the while simplifying the content editing workflow.

To get started, go to our marketplace to install the imgix app.

About imgix

imgix is the leading visual media platform that businesses choose to improve user experience, website performance, and cost-saving.They offers robust image and video processing, global content delivery, and intelligent asset management.

imgix serve visual assets on over 20 million web pages, including many of the top sites in the world. Spotify, Netflix, Pinterest, Bath & Body Works, Porsche, Nikkei, and Rakuten are some of their customers. For these companies and many others, they process and deliver hundreds of thousands of visual assets per second with over 99.9% uptime.

About Hygraph

Hygraph is the ultimate content management platform, empowering developers, marketers, and content managers to seamlessly create, manage, and deliver complex content at scale.

Hygraph allows your brand to scale and expand into new markets and segments—by streamlining workflows with modular content blocks and granular user permissions across teams and connecting to all your preferred systems and tools to extend platform capabilities and build a best-of-breed tech stack.

Thousands of global digital teams (including Samsung, Telenor, Epic Games, and 2U) monetize their content by powering mission-critical applications with Hygraph—their development teams can build limitless solutions rapidly, enabling content teams to accelerate their content velocity and launch faster.

About Hygraph’s App Framework

The App Framework is a toolset that allows you to build apps easily. You can use it to build apps that integrate Hygraph with third-party services, or build custom integrations tailored to your specific needs. If you’d like to develop your own app, look into our App Framework tutorial.

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