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March 2022 Product Update

Our latest developments are designed to enhance collaboration and speed to keep teams innovating together.
Alexandra Buckalew

Alexandra Buckalew

Mar 24, 2022
hygraph march 2022 product update


  • Components are launching next week and aim to help content teams move faster
  • Let other Hygraph users use your unique project as a template through the release of Project Sharing
  • Find content in your Content View even faster with powerful Filtering & Search updates
  • A look at what we’re working on next like API Extensions, Integrations and more!

#New Features


Modular Components Gif.gif

Available for all Hygraph users on March 29th, the Components Feature is a new, intuitive way to expand individual and team’s content modeling capabilities.

In the past, Content Creators have been restricted to fixed content structures which can slow down content creation and make it difficult to create more customized content. Though, with the introduction of Components, Content Creators can create reusable content blocks which can be used across different content models making content creation significantly faster by reducing complexity.

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Project Sharing

Share project.png

We’ve created a new, exciting extension of the Project Cloning Feature called Project Sharing. With Project Sharing, Hygraph users are now able to create a custom link to share their project as a template with other users outside of their individual projects. Share as much or as little as you want, from your unique schemas, content, webhooks, assets, and more.

Another facet of this new collaboration tool is the ability to generate a share button in Markdown or HTML. This button can be embedded on a website, a Github repository or any other frontend which gives your audience easy access to explore and create unique experiences based off of your original projects.

Try Project Sharing for yourself by clicking on the Project Sharing Button below to get started with our recently created Docs Starter.

Clone the Docs Starter

Read the Documentation →
The Full Release →

#Updates & Improvements

Filter & Search

UI Filter.png

Along with powerful collaboration tools, we also are working to ensure that your Hygraph project is intuitive and easy to use so that you or any member of your team can accomplish important tasks with minimal hassle. Part of this development focus is highlighted with a cosmetic update to our Filter & Search Feature, as well as an overall update to broaden you as a user’s ability to find content with the added ability to filter on fields with multiple values.

Filters Documentation →
Search Documentation →

#A Hygraph Sneak Peek

Our next development cycle has a lot of promise to be one of our most exciting yet. With more feature development around API Extensions and the ability for users to easily interact with

  • We’re developing a new App framework that will make it even easier to customize and integrate with Hygraph. As part of the App framework rollout, we will also create an official marketplace where you can find prebuilt and officially supported integrations with other vendors!
  • Remote Fields has just entered its alpha stage. With Remote Fields, customers can add content from other sources such as e-commerce systems, PIMs, Hasura, custom backend systems, and more, to the Hygraph Schema and query everything through our powerful GraphQL API. If you’d like to sign up for alpha access, please look for the announcement on our public slack.

#Join Our Community

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