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Hygraph is SOC 2 Type 2 and GDPR compliant and offers hosting on ISO 27001 certified infrastructure. We offer all the required features to ensure security and compliance to guarantee your peace of mind.

#Sandbox Environments

Safely make changes to the GraphQL schema, and test new content types without breaking production implementation.

Sandbox environment in Hygraph

#Audit Logs

Monitor any changes made to your project, schema and content through detailed audit logs that can be filtered to narrow down to specifics.

Audit logs in Hygraph

#SSO Integrations

Meet secure login requirements by integrating Hygraph with your organization’s SSO. Hygraph is compatible with all of the industry standard protocols (OIDC/LDAP/SAML, etc.).

SSO integrations in Hygraph


Several backup options are provided to Hygraph customers including point-in-time-recovery backups that are replicated across several AWS regions and offsite backups that can be sent to your own preferred storage.

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