Field Validations

Dictate what field within the content model is required, down to how a particular field should be formatted. This guarantees that the most important inputs are never forgotten or entered incorrectly.

  • High flexibility in creating your content model

    Pascal F.
  • The support team is top notch. Everyone at Hygraph has been excellent and exceptionally helpful while we built out our data model and integrations. The team is incredibly responsive and receptive to new features ideas. 10/10.

    Jason K.
  • Hygraph is just so easy to use. Creating new data models and populating them for use on the front end is intuitive and the interface is very clean. The product is designed in a way that it's obvious they were thinking about their users.

  • Hygraph is a way for us to allow non-engineers at our company to create content for our marketing website. Once the engineers define the data model within GraphCMS, other employees at our company can easily add the content through their UI, and once published, our build system automatically rebuilds the website with the new content.

    Hygraph User

Field Validation

Define custom validations per field with a predefined set of validation methods or fully custom using regular expressions. These validations are available on most fields where customization is possbile.

The validation rules will be checked in the CMS interface directly, and even when using the mutation API.