UI Extensions

UI Extensions allow you to extend the functionality of the Hygraph content editing experience by running custom applications within the CMS. UI Extensions can be used for a variety of use-cases, such as using your own Rich Text Editor, adding custom fields to let editors search and pick products from a Shopify catalog, integrating an asset picker for Cloudinary to bring all your asset views into Hygraph, and much more.

User Guide
UI Extensions
  • High flexibility in creating your content model

    Pascal F.
  • The support team is top notch. Everyone at Hygraph has been excellent and exceptionally helpful while we built out our data model and integrations. The team is incredibly responsive and receptive to new features ideas. 10/10.

    Jason K.
  • Hygraph is just so easy to use. Creating new data models and populating them for use on the front end is intuitive and the interface is very clean. The product is designed in a way that it's obvious they were thinking about their users.

  • Our team uses Hygraph to push breaking news stories to our project's webpage. The project is a part of a large non-profit initiative and the goal is to feature current content (news stories, celebrity endorsements). Authors are able to quickly add content to the CMS without sacrificing the high quality our readers expect.

    Matthew F. Manager, Social Good
  • Hygraph offers highest flexibility (GraphQL).

    Maximilian B.Marketing Manager

Field Extensions

Developer teams have the ability to create custom content fields to be used within any content entry from the Schema Builder much like you would with any out-of-the-box Field Type.

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