Audit Logs

Monitor any changes made to your project, schema and content through detailed audit logs.

  • I love the flexibility of Hygraph. It's meant to be a headless CMS, and it thrives at that, but don't get it twisted. Hygraph can be a super powerful GraphQL database. I use it for my administrative tables, as well as for other projects.

    Jordan S. Director of Product Growth
  • Integrated GraphQL Playground is very helpful when developing and debugging.

    Pascal F.Software-Entwickler
  • Very powerful GraphQL capabilities and the new UX is on point.

    Saskia Jung
  • Hygraph focuses on the benefits and how we can help you get better results for your business or your customers. This focus on use to the user is what makes Hygraph unique.

    Shabnam M. Content Specialist
  • Super impressed with the fine grained roles and permissions; I had a colleague on a hangout who has experience with other headless CMS vendors, and his jaw dropped at the sheer capability.

    Hygraph User

How They Work

Audit Logs are available only for Enterprise solutions and observability is one of the key aspects when deciding for a software vendor. Audit Logs help you to track all changes that happened to your schema and content.

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