Project Cloning

As the name implies, clone existing projects to use as a starting point for new projects without wasting time on recreating projects with matching or similar fields.

  • Hygraph focuses on the benefits and how we can help you get better results for your business or your customers. This focus on use to the user is what makes Hygraph unique.

    Shabnam M. Content Specialist
  • I is a good and lovely CMS that in addition to Flexibility to customizing schemas, Stunning GraphQL API with powerful query and mutation facilities. My overall experience with Hygrah Excellent customer support.

    Ali K.Information Technology Adviser
  • We are building heavily for mobile devices, so using GraphQL for our content APIs is really helping our app performance. Our developers also love the code autocomplete function and the self-generated API documentation in the API Explorer. Quite intuitive UI for business users."" Markus H. CEO"

    Markus H.CEO
  • Very powerful GraphQL capabilities and the new UX is on point.

    Saskia Jung

Individual Project Cloning

Clone your master project with a new name, optional description, select the region where the data will be stored, and how much of the project you desire to clone including assets, existing content, and configured Webhooks.