Here's a quick summary of everything we released in Q1 2024.

Product roundup: Q2 2023

In this quarter, we introduced Top-level Remote Fields, and new applications for EasyTranslate and Smartling.
Shahan Syed

Shahan Syed

Jul 11, 2023
A summary of features released by Hygraph in Q2 2023


  • New Top-level Remote Fields to directly fetch content from remote systems using the Hygraph API, without linking remote content to content hosted in Hygraph.
  • New apps for EasyTranslate and Smartling.
  • Improvements to Content Duplication and the ability to refresh GQL Remote Sources upon schema changes.
  • Improved documentation for editors to quickly onboard content teams.
  • Sneak peek: improved disaster recovery, more granular Cache Invalidation and an app for Mux.

#New feature

Top-level Remote Fields

An addition to our Content Federation capabilities, the new Top-level Remote Fields enable you to now fetch content from remote systems using the Hygraph Content API, without the need to link remote content to content hosted in Hygraph.

Consider an e-commerce example, where you would want to fetch product data from your commerce system (e.g. Shopify), digital assets from your DAM (e.g. Cloudinary), and rich content stored in Hygraph.

You can now fetch all of this data from Hygraph's content API, in one single query, for example:

query {
shopifyProducts {
cloudinaryAssets {
image {
blogArticles {

How are the new Top-level capabilities different?

We previously offered Model-level Content Federation capabilities that allowed you to enrich existing content in Hygraph with more information from a remote API on a field level.

This meant that you needed to have a content entry in Hygraph with a unique identifier present (such as an ID) that is common across the two systems, which is then passed as an input argument to fetch additional information from the remote API.

For example, you could fetch price data from a commerce system using the unique SKU code for each product. However, the SKU code needs to be stored as part of an entry in Hygraph.

While content enrichment is important, we understand that there are plenty of other cases where you need to federate multiple APIs into one, while ensuring data ownership stays within the external system and not be mirrored into another system.

The new Top-level Remote Fields help here by streamlining the process further, allowing you to directly fetch content from remote systems using one single Hygraph API, without the need to have corresponding content entries in Hygraph.

Read the documentation

#New applications

To streamline global distribution of content, in collaboration with our partners, we introduced two new localization apps this quarter.


EasyTranslate offers a platform for businesses to create AI-generated content from simple keywords, recruit freelance translators or automate translation flows from various platforms.

Our new EasyTranslate app allows you to submit or sync content with your EasyTranslate account.

This way, you can seamlessly localize your content either automatically or through your team in EasyTranslate, and then import it back into your CMS once ready.

With the click of a button, editors can send individual content entries or sync them with EasyTranslate.

Editors can also submit multiple entries at once.

Check out the EasyTranslate integration on our marketplace →


Smartling is a cloud-based tool that offers human translation services as well as AI-powered translations.

Each year Smartling translates billions of words into more than 450 languages and locales.

Our new Smartling app allows you to submit and import translated content into Hygraph.

Check out the Smartling integration on our marketplace →

#Improvements and fixes

Content Duplication

To allow you to quickly create new entries, we introduced significant improvements to content duplication with regards to relational fields, visibility of the duplication button, in-app messaging, and more.

Ability to refresh Schema for GraphQL Remote Sources

If you have made any changes to the schema of your remote API, you can now refresh to swiftly reflect these changes in Hygraph's API.

Editor docs

You can now quickly onboard editorial team members through our new and improved documentation for content editors.

#Sneak peek

Mux app

Mux offers a platform to solve video-related challenges that teams face, and offers capabilities such as on-demand video catalog, live-streaming, and more.

The new app will allow content editors to add videos from Mux or upload new ones in Mux directly from the Hygraph interface.

Improved disaster recovery and regional performance

We will be introducing architectural changes to improve disaster recovery and regional performance for operations on the management API.

Document based cache invalidation

Earlier this year, for improved performance, we introduced model-and-stage-based Partial Cache Invalidations. We will now be working on further improvements that allow for more granular Cache Invalidations.

Mutations on high-performance endpoint

Our existing high-performance endpoint for content delivery only supports read operations and you would need to use our regular endpoint for mutations. We will be making changes to allow for both read and write operations on the high-performance endpoint.

#Community Spotlight

We are proud to have been a sponsor of MACH Alliance's MACH TWO event in June.

Christopher Kühn, CRO, Caryn Jervis, Head of Partnerships, and Gijs Hendrix, VP of Product, were on-site to showcase our MACH-certified content federation platform.


We were also joined by representatives from our customer Dr.Oetker, who spoke about their first-party data growth engine and MACH journey, of which we are happy to be a part.

Moreover, our customer Thommen Medical AG, won the MACH Impact Award in the Health/Pharma Project category. We are delighted to see their composable stack deliver measurable business impact in partnership with Algolia, Commerce Layer, Eyekon AG, and Intelliact AG.

Learn more about events at Hygraph →

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