Asset Editor

Save time with the ability to resize, blur, clip, crop, and transform assets to better fit various content pieces.

  • As designer Hygraph is a big help to turn my idea to into reality.

    Ericson L.UI Designer
  • Hygraph is a way for us to allow non-engineers at our company to create content for our marketing website. Once the engineers define the data model within GraphCMS, other employees at our company can easily add the content through their UI, and once published, our build system automatically rebuilds the website with the new content.

    Hygraph User
  • Hygraph offers highest flexibility (GraphQL).

    Maximilian B.Marketing Manager
  • Our team uses Hygraph to push breaking news stories to our project's webpage. The project is a part of a large non-profit initiative and the goal is to feature current content (news stories, celebrity endorsements). Authors are able to quickly add content to the CMS without sacrificing the high quality our readers expect.

    Matthew F. Manager, Social Good
  • One of the most robust and complete CMS out there, top notch from the product to customer service.

    William Pei Y Software Engineer


Developers have the ability to edit assets including the height and width, clip, crop, and scale.

As well as making general transformations to the asset and how it is displayed, Hygraph also allows developers to transform the asset file type. In the case of turning all assets into PDF format:

  assets {
    url(transformation: { document: { output: { format: pdf } } })

Hygraph places its efforts around developing features geared towards giving developers complete control and flexibilty over all of their Hygraph created content and external content.