Here's a quick summary of everything we released in Q1 2024.


All the necessary tools to effortlessly organize, manage, and publish content allowing content operators to achieve maximum productivity and effectiveness.

#Scheduled Publishing

Schedule publishing or unpublishing of content at a specific time or as part of a release.

Scheduled publishing feature in Hygraph

#Content Views

Keep things organized and quickly access content by defining filters and saving them as custom views.

Customized content views feature in Hygraph


Create an SEO model and connect it with content entries to enter relevant information such as keywords, title, meta descriptions, etc.

SEO features in Hygraph

#User Attribution

Have visibility over actions taken by team members by tracking any changes, viewing logs or filtering content based on users.

#Digital Asset Management

Upload, edit and manage a wide range of supported digital assets within Hygraph. You can also upload assets from a remote URL and add custom fields to store metadata (e.g., tags).

Digital asset management in Hygraph

#Asset editor

Save time with the ability to resize, blur, clip, crop, transform and convert assets to better fit various content pieces.

assets {
transformation: {
image: { resize: { width: 50, height: 50, fit: clip } }

#Bulk actions

Publish, unpublish, edit or delete multiple entries in bulk.

Bulk actions in Hygraph

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