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Ninetailed gives digital teams radical freedom to build, deliver, and experiment with experience variations, so companies can iterate on and improve their customer experience with nothing standing in the way. With its market-leading APIs and customer profiles that grow with each new data source, Ninetailed makes personalizing, adapting, and unifying customer experiences straightforward.

Integration with a composable stack is painless, freeing up developers to move on quickly to bigger and better tasks. With SDKs and plugins for modern frontend frameworks like Gatsby, React, and NodeJS, developers can connect Ninetailed with a headless CMS in under an hour — the record is 27 minutes!

Ninetailed’s data API connects easily with any data source, building unified customer profiles that grow with every new piece of data and every new event — even if the user is anonymous. Digital teams can use these profiles to create anything from 1-1 personalized experiences to fully omnichannel customer journeys. Ninetailed’s everything-on-the-edge approach to both data and delivery means experience variations cause zero loading lag and zero interruptions for the customer.

Creatives can build, preview, deliver, and experiment with variations directly from their headless CMS, focusing on what they do best: dreaming up experiences that delight customers.

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